Sunday, February 8, 2009

When perspective smacks you right between the eyes

I was going to write a whiny woe is me post about a series of minor calamities which befell my lunch a few minutes ago, followed by an announcement that I was headed off to the gym, which I'm sure would have been both the literally and emotional high point of most of your days.

As I ate what I was able to salvage of my lunch though I popped over to Twitter, and read Kelly's updates about the devastating bushfires ravaging her area. The death toll is now up into the eighties (dear god...) and while her house is safely out of the path of the flames some of her friends and neighbors are still unaccounted for. Kelly is afraid to go to work tomorrow, scared to find out who won't be there.

And the most horrific part of this whole horrific story?

They believe the fire was intentionally set.

You'd better go back and reread that last sentence, it doesn't seem to sink in the first time.

Yeah. Suddenly my crappy lunch doesn't seem so crappy after all.

Stay safe my friend. I'll be holding you and everyone in that terrible fire's way close in my thoughts.


Libby's Library said...

This is terrible. I'll pray that your friend finds out, that all her co-workers are safe.

PJ said...

Robin, it's always hard to keep things in perspective. There's nothing wrong with mourning your lunch, what's important is that you see the plight of others and that it's awful what people do to each other.
I love your banner photo!

Maribeth said...

We had a fire-bug in our town when I was very young. One night the entire town seemed ablaze as he'd set the lumber company in town on fire. I still have nightmares.
They did catch him and he went to jail for a very long time.

Mojo said...

I got an email from another Aussie blogger I correspond with that said the same thing about arson being suspected in at least one of the fires. So I'd already had a chance for this to sink in. But you're right, it does make the story more horrifying than it already was.

anymommy said...

This world sadly gives us a lot of opportunities for perspective. This is awful, I'll be thinking of them.

Unknown said...

that's definitely some perspective.

on a completely unrelated topic: i still have no idea what twitter is. :)

Anonymous said...

How horrible. I read the updates on her Twitter and site and it is more than I can comprehend. My prayers are offered for all those who suffer and have suffered.

Anonymous said...

The wildfires in the states are frequently started by people also. I don't understand that kind of disregard for human (and wildlife) life...

Jill said...

Fires scare me... especially when it affects as many people as this one has!

Thinking of your friend.

Anonymous said...

Oh Babe.

I love you.

Death toll is 181 now.

And doesn't include any of my friends thank God!