Saturday, April 24, 2010

So tomorrow's not a work day...

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So tomorrow, Sunday, starts a new work week here in Israel. For everyone except me that is. For me, it's my first day on the four week furlough they agreed to give me (small comfort, and that only after I called them out for really being shits about the whole 7 days notice no severance thing) to give me a bit of breathing space to get my life in some form of order before they cut me off - sort of a strange limbo - laid off, but still having to check my work e-mail for news and developments (questions about things I've transferred, responses from those who are helping me investigate the unlikely possibility of a lateral move, whatever...).
Whatever it is, it's not work. Well not unless you count having to update my resume, start making calls and getting meetings with all those people I need to talk to about finding a new job, catch up on those doctor's appointments I've been putting off, chauffeur the kids around, do that laundry, and kick the photography peddling into a higher gear.
Whatever this new reality turns out to be, it starts tomorrow morning.
Wish me luck.


Mojo said...

Luck? Overrated. You don't need luck, blind chance, good fortune... you've got skills and passion and just general Robin-ness to bring to the table. The luck will be on the side of the person/company/whatever that recognizes this and brings you aboard. That's who needs wishing luck.

Nevertheless, for the sake of form, good luck. To you and that yet-to-be-determined wise company. May you find each other without delay.

Meanwhile, do kick the photography peddling into a higher gear. This is a world starved for beauty in a lot of ways. You encapsulate that in shots like this one and preserve it so that those who need it can experience it.

Mimi said...

I'm with Mojo re luck.
However, I wish you happiness as you embark on this new phase of your life, Robin, and hope that exciting and rewarding opportunities are just round the corner for you. I feel sure they are.

Anonymous said...

Routine that we enjoy can be so comforting and now yours is disrupted which stinks. Tomorrow will be a "new normal" and in time your talent will out.

Leora said...

You have "skills and passion and just general Robin-ness" - yes!

Looking for a job is often much harder than doing the job. You can do it.

bermudabluez said...

"Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well."
~ Josh Billings

I totally agree with Mojo. You GO Girl! You CAN do it!

Daryl said...

Mojo said it best .. you have kick ass talent .. get out there and kick some!

Dina said...

I do, I wish you all the luck in the world. And enough time to do all that you have to do.

Maribeth said...

Good luck, Robin. You never know where the world will take you next!

Minnesota Mamaleh said...

i'm sending *so* many good thoughts your way! (they come from the most random of places, don't they?! :)). from the little bit that i can tell? your next adventure will be absolutely totally and completely fabulous!!! go get 'em!

Jill said...

Sending you lots of luck from India...

Here's hoping you find exactly what you need for now and in the future. xx

Mama Pajama said...

You're good - take the breather while you can get it! Catch up on a bunch of stuff, like you said, and enjoy the time - you'll be flat out again in soon enough. And there is a 'different' sort of quality to the picture you posted today, it feels 'hopefully Japanese' to me! Deep breath, ready? Ooommmm...!