Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Stock Sunday - Dining al Fresco


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It is hot hot hot here in Israel already with summer in full swing, and what could be more summery than an afternoon spent grilling out in the backyard with friends? No, not my backyard, I live in the city - their lovely suburban backyard, complete with grass, shade, and a new pool for the kids to splash around in - and homemade hard lemonade slushes for the grownups and lots of good friends to share them with - double win! After we'd gorged ourselves on meat and sides and spent a relaxing few hours jamming and watching the kids splash around it was time to bring out the big guns - dessert. I brought along the Pioneer Woman's
Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever and I have to say that yes, it was - gooey and chocolately and utterly decadent. Even the grownups kept coming back to sneak another piece or just "straighten the edges" a bit. I won't tell though, I was right there sneaking with the best of them - holy smokes it was good.
It was a great day and as far as all those extra calories go, well we're just not going to discuss that today.
How's your summer shaping up? Put up your Summer Stock post and tell us all about it.




Dina said...

Look! I finally found a scene of summer fun for your meme, Robin.

Love your colorful arty hint of barbecue.

You actually made that cake? Wow.
Did you make a buttermilk substitute? Do we even have buttermilk in Israel?

Robin said...

We do have buttermilk - it's "revyon", available in the dairy section of the supermarket :).

Glad you made it to Summer Stock this week!

Mojo said...

We've had a few chances to grill out since the summer rolled around. And you're right... nothing much compares. Hmm... Maybe that's what I need to do for dinner tonight.


Great (and apparently inspirational) shot!

Anonymous said...

Great colors!

Mimi said...

Hi Robin, lovely, colourful, summery picture you got here.
I'm glad you didn't post a picture of that chocolate cake, cos I'd be off to the fridge for chocolate if I saw a picture of it!
Glad you're having a good summer- it's good here too, the best we've had in years!

Maude Lynn said...

I have got to try that cake!

Dimple said...

Hi Robin,
Glad I dropped by and found you have restarted Summer Stock Sunday. Your BBQ sounds like a lot of fun for everyone.

Leora said...

I'm glad you have good suburban friends! Nothing like a summer barbecue. The plates are so pretty stacked together.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Robin, I really love the foreground/background aspect of this shot, and all the levels of color.

Not to mention the promise of yumminess it sets up!

kayerj said...

I love the pioneer woman's recipe's. love your colorful dishes too.

Shira at Table Poetry said...

I just discovered your blog. What a collection of eye candy! I love your photos.

We do live in the suburbs here in Israel, with a tiny backyard, but alas none of us likes to barbecue (well, we love the result, just not the process).
Meanwhile a good ice coffee with a few scoops of ice cream is not a bad alternative.

Robin said...

Mmmm... iced coffee with ice cream in it, you're definitely speaking my language - yum!

I'm not crazy about standing over the grill either - that's why we keep around friends that are ;). Much more fun to hang out in the shade with a frosty drink while someone else cooks your lunch. I'll bring along the cold salads anytime.

This Eclectic Life said...

Wow, that sounds like great fun. I guess I'm going to have to break down and try that recipe! Or talk a friend into making it:-)

anymommy said...

I even managed to make that cake and it was delicious!!

maryt/theteach said...

Late to Summer Stock Sunday, Robin. Forgive me! :)