Saturday, September 24, 2011

Picket Fence

The first Saturday after Summer Stock ends always leaves me at a bit of a loss posting-wise - how about this one to get things rolling. Nothing special, no real theme, just... pleasant.


Dina said...

Very pleasant indeed.
I wish we had those friendly white fences.
Happy yoreh!

Anon said...

End of summer, perfect 9/24/11 depiction.
Love your blog, and your art.

Sara Lorayne said...

Very pleasant, yes. And it leaves me wondering where that fence is going....and is it placed at the edge of a rocky cliff? I love photos that make me ask questions about the rest of the story!

Leovi said...

Beautiful landscape with excellent light. Greetings.

Leora said...

It's lovely. You do have a way of taking a common object, like a fence, and making it a "singing" object. It's like the fence is leading into a new story. What's the story? Maybe it will show up in your next photo.

Fábio Martins said...

I like the framework there!

Mimi said...

Yes it is special, Robin!
I love picket fences, love them.
And I agree wholeheartedly with Leora's comment.
great picture.

Daryl said...

While its not a true picket fence (those have vertical slats) this is a truly interesting fence ... the drop off is scary