Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Missing: One Muse

Has anyone seen her? She's about this big, wears flowy gowns, inspires bouts of great writing...

My muse seems to have buggered off for parts unknown. My writing is flat and uninspired, no new ideas are jockeying for a chance at their 15 minutes of fame, heck, even my hair is drab looking. (Note to self: must find time to go in and get your color touched up. The skunk look does not become you.) I've had fleeting hints of inspiration (a trip back to Renaissance Europe for Writers Island's "time travel" prompt, a book review I've been wanting to write, tortured descriptions of the rain streaming down outside my windows, recipes to post, an Ode to Mount Laundry...) but nothing is coming together. A few more days of this and I'm going to have to resort to posting silly little "what color flower are you?" quizzes and other drivel.

Tell you what. I'm going to steal an idea from Scribbit turn it around on you guys. It's your turn to provide the inspiration. What burning questions have you been dying to ask but just haven't worked up the guts gotten around to it? Come on folks, help me out, I need content here.

Hello? Hellooooo? Hellooo-hellooooo-helloooooooo?? Echo-echoooo-echoooo... Anyone out there? Bueller? Bueller?

Damn, now I've scared them off.


L D said...

OK, Robin, I have a few questions for you. Some of these may be obvious/already answered . . . um, I just started reading a few weeks ago.

1. Are you American by birth?
2. If so, are you considered Israeli now, or are you an ex-pat?
3. Do you live in an ex-pat community?
4. If you are an ex-pat, what's that like?
5. Which languages do you speak (besides English)?
6. What's your favorite part about living in Israel?
7. Consequently, what's your least favorite part about living in Israel?

How's that for fodder? ;-)

Shannon said...

I am so with you on the uninspired writing. I feel like I have so many topics I could write about but it all comes out mundane and boring. I am going to keep reading your stuff and hope the creative inspiration rubs off.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Go play with Trevor. That's always good when I'm struggling. *grin*

Janet said...

How old were you when you first were interested in writing? Did you write stories as a child?

Anonymous said...

It's February hon, and a full moon is a'comin'. My mojo is hanging out in Waikiki, which ticks me off because I've never been there, it's not fair that my mojo is there without me.
My question: As a kid, did you know what you wanted to "be" when you grew up and did you make it? Are you where you expected to be, doing what you thought you would do, or did you take another path? Nothing like a light question, eh? ; )

Unknown said...

Okay, now I have to incorporate the phrase "buggered off to parts unknown" into my vocabulary today! :) Hope she finds her way back soon!

Preethi said...

hope your muse comes back soon.. I am so uninspired myself... so no new ideas in my head :(

Scribbit said...

Ha! Loved the opener!

Wow, looks like you've already got a list of questions here--

Andrew is always asking me if I'm going to run out of ideas and I'm sure at some point I will but apparently my mouth leaks incessantly so it hasn't been a problem yet. Of course just because I've posted something doesn't mean that darn muse had anything to do with things--I wouldn't hold her responsible for the drivel :)

Irene said...

I really don't have any questions...probably because I feel just like you, very uninspired!

I have had a hard time thinking of great blogging material. I do write, but it hasn't been anything that I personally think is that great. Maybe it is a weather thing...I am just tired of cold, snow, yucky weather and all I feel is cold and yucky too!

Sorry I am of NO help to you!

Anonymous said...

Oh I can relate. My blog posts have been woefully uninspired lately.
I the d asked all my burning questions. So I'll have to resort to silliness:

How many countries have you been in? (Airport countries don't count) How much do haircuts cost in Israel? Are you sure your muse wears flowy gowns?

Unknown said...

My questions are about your house. Because that's the biggest kitchen I've ever seen in Israel.

Do you have American appliances?
What is the rest of your house like?
Do you have terazzo floors with a drain in them? (I have an abiding love for those easy to clean floors)?
What is the rest of your house house like?
What's the deal with an Israeli baseball team?
What newspaper do you read daily?
How's the grapefruit this year?
Are your kids addicted to Bislis or Bombas?

Fairly Odd Mother said...

It's February. The Muse hates this month.

Here is my question. . . if you weren't a wife and mother, what do you think you'd be doing right about now?

Lea said...

I think they are all on a cruise... or visiting another solar system...

I am never bored here. NEVER...