Saturday, January 6, 2007

It's raining, but not inside!

Yay! The building committee actually fixed the roof this week before the big storm and it is NOT, I repeat NOT raining in my kitchen! Wahoo!! We'll still have to get them to pay for us to repaint the kitchen and bathroom ceilings once they dry out, but there is no new water coming in, which is tremendous news. I'm also SO relieved that the leak wasn't from all the massive renovations we did last year, because after years of leaks culminating in having to rip out and replace every. single. inch. of pipe in my house (which with our concrete walls necessitated all new floors and bathrooms and a new kitchen (well ok, the kitchen was more for fun - we'd hated the old one since we moved in 11 years ago)) I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY tired of plumbing issues. The new rep to the building committee definitely gets my vote again next year. Instead of coming with excuses he actually listened, and then went out and got the job done. Thank you Yuval.

Last night's storytelling evening was great. Selections ranged from my scrabble story to Ray Bradbury (one of his non-science fiction short stories) to Alexander and the Terrible No Good Very Bad Day to poetry by William Butler Yeats to Archie and Mehitabel to a hysterical version of Rumpelstiltsken told with a heavy Yiddish flavor. Definitely something for everyone, and the stories always spark some great conversation.

Today Jay and I went out to breakfast while the kids were in school. (Friday is a semi-weekend day here - most offices are closed, but kids are in school a half-day.) We were invited to friends for dinner, so I baked a pumpkin pie this afternoon. I'd planned to make it for Thanksgiving, but our hosts were kosher and requested no dairy. Unfortunately, 2 days before the holiday my other friend reminded me that pumpkin pie had condensed milk in it, and there went that. Anyway, I had all the ingredients in the pantry, and we were going to that same 2nd friend's house, so when she asked me to bring dessert I decided to treat us all tonight instead.

Tomorrow it's supposed to pour all day, so I think we'll take the kids to go see Happy Feet. I have no idea what it's about (something about dancing penguins I gather), but everyone else seems to like it.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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Terri said...

I love me some Pumpkin pie!!! Have fun!!