Saturday, May 12, 2007

Real Mothers Are... (revisited)

I'm reposting this post from March 13th in honor of Mother's Day (which is tomorrow in the US). Ok, I confess. I was actually running it because I wanted a shot at the iPod and chocolates they're giving away over at Real Mom Truths, but I see the deadline was yesterday (story of my life). I figured I'd run it again anyway though. Why not. It's still a good post. Now new and improved even - this time it's got a photo, too.

Real Mothers are Imperfect.

Real mothers sometimes lose their temper. Real mothers don't always serve their children perfectly healthy, well-balanced meals (made from scratch of course). Real mothers still need some "me" time to stay sane. Real mothers have parts of parenting that they don't like. Real mothers can get mind-numbingly bored reading the same book over and over and over and over again. Real mothers don't always look like they've stepped out of the pages of a 1950's edition of Good Housekeeping. Real mothers lose their car keys. Or forget to start dinner. Or sometimes choose to blog instead of playing pokemon cards (otherwise known as the card game from hell). Real mothers can rationalize stealing (and then eating) their children's holiday candy. Real mothers sometimes breathe an audible sigh of relief when bedtime rolls around.

Real mothers love their children more than life itself, and are loved just as much in return, despite, or even because of, all their flaws. Real mothers are you and I.

My daughter practicing to be a real (and therefore imperfect) mother. You'll note that she is carefully feeding her baby - directly into her forehead. (Maybe it helps with brain development if the food doesn't have to travel through the digestive track before arriving at the brain?)


Anonymous said...

awwww. Maya's so cute..

thank you for those reminders and especially about sending those mother's day cards.

Oops! Now I know I'm not flawless.

Anonymous said...

psst! I fogot your email and wanted to send you an awesome MD card!

deedee said...

I like these real mom posts. My girls have not yet complained when I serve a bowl of cereal for supper on a busy night :) It's so much better than stressing everyone out trying to make a "perfect" meal.

Happy Mother's Day

Anonymous said...

Just to make your upcoming mother's day more eventful, you've been tagged for the "8 random things" meme. Enjoy