Sunday, May 6, 2007

You almost got a really great post, but you didn't

I am so freaking aggravated.

I had a big long post written out - festival highlights (Itai was fine by the next morning and we all had a blast), a few gratuitous shots of my kids sitting in the audience on beach chairs eating ice cream, and an explanation of the Lag B'Omer* holiday that we rushed back for so that Itai wouldn't miss the bonfire his friends had organized, a link to another blog I stumbled across that had incredible pictures of the bonfires, showing how many of them reach several stories in height (yes, really)... In other words, a post full of interesting tidbits and a colorful slice of Israeli life.

Why aren't you then reading it? I'm glad you asked...

Because blogger in its infinite wisdom decided I was a spybot or a virus and ATE. MY. POST. and locked me out of my account for the entire freaking evening! Gone. Poof. Vanished into the ether, links and all. Instead you're stuck with this very pissy and annoyed rant, which doesn't even have any pictures because I don't dare try to put them in right now. Sorry, you're stuck with this.

And to add insult to injury my Rangers just got their asses handed to them by the Buffalo Sabres and are now out of the playoffs, during a game which I had to listen to over the internet because it wasn't being broadcast within 5,000 miles of this hockey-forsaken country.

Bah humbug.

* (taken from Wikipedia) Lag Ba'Omer in modern Israel is a school holiday. Youngsters and their parents light bonfires in open spaces in cities and towns throughout the country. Students' Day is celebrated on the campuses of the various universities. Hundreds of weddings are held on Lag Ba'Omer and this adds to the festive character of this holiday.

In Israel, one knows that Lag Ba'Omer is drawing near when children begin collecting wood boards, old doors, and anything made from wood that can burn. This happens from a week to 10 days before Lag Ba'Omer. As Lag Ba'Omer approaches, the situation gets to the point where building contractors have to employ extra night watchmen to make sure that wooden planks and scaffolding are not taken by the eager youngsters. And, of course, the fire department is kept very busy on Lag Ba'Omer eve when the bonfires are lit and where the danger exists of fires getting out of control.

PS Going to be away at a conference for the next two days with no computer access.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Whoa. You're a Rangers fan?

Robin said...

You bet your ass I am. Third generation and counting. In fact, I had season tickets before moving to Israel. Sadly, that was the season before they won the Cup...

And yes, it builds character. *sigh*

Scribbit said...

You've had the worst tech luck lately.

And I think I got the blog problems cleaned up. I threw out tons of junk on my sidebar and word is, it's loading better. Gotta love the spring cleaning.

Have fun at your conference.

Anonymous said...

I really hope you had fun at the JL festival. What a bummer to come back to that.

Just for the record, when I had to rewrite something that got eaten up, I found the second rewrite was usually much better for some strange reason - but it's terribly aggravating; I agree with you my friend.

Unknown said...

ARG! I sometimes save my posts to a word document before putting them on Blogger. I've had them disappear too many times :-(

Space Mom said...

Ugh, that's terrible (the post eating, not the SABRES KICKING SOME RANGER BUTT! (sorry))

Typepad has only eaten one post on me so far, and that was my own stupidity!