Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - On Vacation!

Brought to you live from a picnic table at a campground in Vancouver, Canada, here are 13 things we've done so far on our vacation.

1. Flown 10,000 miles, just about clear across the world

2. Visited 2 children's museums, a farmer's market and a beach in San Francisco

3. Seen a show at the Filmore Theater (also in SF). The Poster Room is something else, with 40+ years of psychedelic and other show posters on display.

4. Gone to kindergarten (my 6 year old son, to his cousin-in-law's class, he had a ball)

5. Flown from SF to Seattle, with awesome views of a snow-covered Mt. Rainier soaring out of the clouds

6. Put 9 people in a camper trailer that normally houses just two (but only for a few minutes, it was bedlam)

7. Played "human luge" on a beach at Seattle's Lincoln Park

8. Sent the kids up in a Cirrus (private 4-seater plane) with my dad as pilot, my 6 yr old son as "co-pilot" and my 3.5 yr old daughter as "navigator". Somehow, with all that help, they even managed to land again safely.

9. Ate salmon cooked traditional-style on a wooden plank and fish-shaped chocolates

10. Took a ferry to Victoria, BC for an incredible no-kids getaway for 3 days

11. Saw live wild orcas (killer whales) up close and personal! We even saw a mother teaching her 2 week old calf how to hunt for salmon.

12. Walked across a suspension footbridge 230 feet in the air

13. Stayed far away (me) while my husband and father did bloody oyster shots while I was writing this. Yuck!

Hope you're all having as great a Thursday (late Wednesday night) as I am!

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deedee said...

I would have to hide from anyone doing oyster shots, too!

Raggedy said...

Your vacation sounds awesome!!!
I hope you can post pictures later.
Excitement and fun and memories to hold for a nice :)
My TT is posted but I doubt you will have time to read TT's..
Enjoy your vacation!!!!

Mymsie said...

The whale experience sounds great!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Oh, I wish I was there! I wasn't allowed in the Poster Room at the Fillmore the night I was there (I don't think), but man, I had a good time in the room where the bar was. Not the concert hall, the one behind it, where they were serving $12 salads.

Wish I'd seen those orcas. Amazing. Incredible.

Keep on travelling safely.

Scribbit said...

Glad to hear you've had fun, San Francisco is a fascinating city, one with so much personality.

Anonymous said...

I'm way late, but it looks like you are having an awesome time. I hope you are enjoying every minute of it.

Pieces of Me said...

Glad to know you're having fun. when are you coming home?