Sunday, July 29, 2007

I need a good eye - preferably yours

Hello blogworld. I have a mission for you. I'm on a hunt for several very cool, unusual and creative gifts, and since it's nearly August I only have a few weeks to find them.

Here's the scoop. My niece is turning 4 in about 2 weeks, a major event in her life of course, which is soon to be completely overshadowed by an even bigger Big Event - the upcoming birth of her baby brother, currently scheduled for 8/28 (obviously it's a c-section).

So, this is your mission, should you choose to accept it - The Great Gift Hunt Of 2007. And I sure hope you will - I need HELP!

I need:

1 birthday gift for a 4 year old girlie-girl who isn't afraid of getting dirty
1 new baby gift for a baby boy (not a blanket, I got them a handmade crocheted one last time)
1 big sister gift (smaller, but distinct from the birthday gift)

Because I live in Israel, it's a lot easier for me to order things online and have them delivered directly. However, again because I live in Israel, I don't always know exactly what my sister has or doesn't have. That's where you come in. To up my chances of getting them something they don't have yet, and to ensure that my name will go down in history as the coolest big sister ever, I prefer to give them unique, preferably handmade, gifts.

I know loads of you out there are crafty, heck, some of you even have your own etsy shops, and I'm betting that even those of you who couldn't craft to save your life still have a pretty good eye and have run across all sorts of great things in your internet wanderings. I want to know about them.

There are no cars houses big cash awards prizes of any kind to be given away (since I do have to shell out for three different gifts, plus shipping, here folks), but there will be loads of linkie love and free publicity (among all the twelve people who actually read this blog) for all the suggestions, and of course my undying gratitude, so please, take pity on a craft-challenged mama and help me out with my search. So come, promote your own online business, or your friend's, or your neighbor's, or your neighbor's neighbor's... If I could make them homemade cakes I would, but sadly that's about the extent of my crafting abilities and I just don't think they would travel all that well...

You can leave links or even just ideas in the comments. I'll keep everyone posted as they come in, and if I get enough I'll even do a special linkie love brag post just for that.

Thanks everyone, I can't wait to see your ideas!


Unknown said...

Let me tell you about two women who have pleased my kids endlessly with their crafty creations ~ I have ordered from them several times.

Jen Way of BeeBee Mod makes unique onesie and toddler/kid tees (so cute) and she's about to be featured in a popular catalogue. Great for baby and big sis gifts

Stacy of Mamas Doodles makes the cutest tails and tutus. I've ordered two tails and two tutus from her ~ GREAT! And she never duplicates a design, so you can be sure you are getting something unique.

You can find their blogs by visiting my site and clicking "Friends of Little Woolgatherings." The links I gave are for their etsy stores.

Good luck!

Robin said...

Thanks Melissa! Off to go check them out now :-).

Anonymous said...

Wish I could help you out here, but I'm challenged in this area too...

Anonymous said...

I just recently gave a 4 year old a "teepee" that I bought at Target (bet they would have it on line). It's not terribly big, and it isn't difficult to put together (I could do it). She loves it! Little kids like to play house, and it's great for her imagination. She has "tee-parties" in the teepee, just like real Native Americans do LOL. That's the best I can do for you.

Jennifer said...

ROBIN!!! I found you over on Rachel's blog!!! Do you remember me from TCCC? You sent me my wonderful Israel cookbook in the Christmas exchange??? How ARE ya????

Robin said...

Ooh, great ideas coming in! Melissa's sites look great, and Rachel sent me a whole heaping list o' links that I'll be posting later, and Shelly's idea of a teepee is very intriguing...

Any and all ideas welcome!

And Jennifer, of course I remember you! It's great to see you again :). Do you ever use that cookbook? It's pretty different from that website of Southern cooking you used to have (or maybe still have?).

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Go have some fun at Plain Mabel -- the link's in my sidebar.

August 28 is a great day to be born. Nope, not me. Someone else in the family.

Or browse the Etsy shops, maybe?