Saturday, March 12, 2011

What do cocktails, Chihuly and hotels have in common?

One of Dale Chihuly's stunning Ikebana, on exhibit at Tel Aviv's Litvak Gallery
What a fantastic weekend! Thursday morning I ran off to Tel Aviv with 8 of my very best friends for our annual girlfriends getaway - 2 days and a night in the big city doing Grownup Stuff - art museums, art galleries, trendy restaurants, cocktails, shopping, and lots and LOTS of laughter. We didn't even let the weekend's truly atrocious weather slow us down much (though it did keep me from breaking out the camera as often as I'd hoped).

We set the tone for the weekend during a visit to a photography exhibit at the Tel Aviv Art Museum when we started making up pseudo-intellectual commentary on the Very Important (but oh so uninteresting) Photographs. By the time we were done there was nothing to do but order fancy cocktails with lunch and laugh ourselves silly.

On the better received end of the artsy part of our weekend, the Dale Chihuly exhibit at the Litvak Gallery next door to the museum was every bit as spectacular as anticipated, and the artist feature at the restaurant we chose for lunch turned out to be the very current and oh so fun David Gertstein - the whole restaurant was full of his colorful and whimsical pieces.

That pretty much concluded the high culture portion of the getaway, after that it was pure silliness, just the thing for letting go of all the strife and stress of day to day life.

We had such a great time at this year's getaway in fact that we've already started planning next year's - Zichron Yaakov, here we come!

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Isreview said...


Oh wow I gotta get to the Chihuly exhibit!

So glad your weekend worked out so well and was fun regardless of the weather!

Dina said...

Good for you, getting away.
And it was a good weekend to be away from the media.
Thanks for the link, I needed to read more about Chihuly.
Beautiful picture .

SouthLakesMom said...

So has that plant been glitter glued for accent or does it really look like that?

Sounds like a great time with friends. Glad you got a break!

Robin said...

We didn't disconnect from the media completely, we received a call over breakfast about the devastating earthquake in Japan, where a friend has coworkers (all safe thank heavens) but we did miss a lot of the initial video coverage.

We were home and fully connected again by the time the other horrors of the weekend occurred. Horrifying. Utterly beyond comprehension that such evil could exist in the world. So much for a soft re-entry...

Robin said...

No Kelley, it actually looks like that - the color and glitter is embedded into the glass. All I did is add a texture for the background instead of the plain gray wall that was originally there.

Jael said...

That weekend once a year with good friends doing nice things together sounds so cool! I should go and see the Chihuly exhibition too...

Mimi said...

Sounds like a tonic for the soul!
Love the gold edges on that flower, spectacular!

Jill said...

Oh Chihuly ... oh how I love those types of sculptures!

Hooray for girls weekends. So glad you got away!

anymommy said...

Love, love, love your flower pictures. So glad you had a girls' weekend away.