Monday, April 30, 2012

Le P'tit Paradis - Beaune, France storefront

Windows, doors, even a little red sign - this image was practically custom-made for a Monday blog post. We didn't stop into this lovely looking restaurant in Beaune, France, but I sure do love its exterior.

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Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Israel Memorial Day 2012

Originally published on April 23rd, 2007. Sadly, only the number has changed. This year it is 22,993, including 126 soldiers who fell in the past year.



2 minutes of silence, to remember the 22,305 people who fell in battle since the establishment of the first Jewish neighborhoods outside Jerusalem's Old City wall in 1860, the date of the beginning of the fatality count. 22,305 people who never got to grow old. 233 names just this year. Most were young, some were older veterans who finally succumbed to their injuries. Each one is too many. While to some of you in the United States this figure may not seem that large compared to America's losses in World War II or even Vietnam, the entire population of Israel today is only 7,150,000, making this a terrible loss indeed.

Yesterday my 6 year old son asked me if we would visit him in the cemetary if he were killed in a war. I cannot express how sad it makes me that he knows enough about evil in the world to ask that question at age 6.

As the country marks Memorial Day 2007 and prepares to celebrate its 59th year of independence, amid both celebrations and ever present security warnings it behooves us to remember how dear a price we paid, so that we can try ever harder to ensure that future generations don't have to.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Post-Passover Catch-Up

Whoa, where did the last month go? We had visiting parents (mine), travel nightmares (theirs, and note to the wise, ALWAYS make sure you have more than 6 months left on your passports if you want to avoid disaster), Holidays (capital H - Passover), holidays (lower case h - trip to southern Burgundy in France), a welcome home stomach virus (don't ask) and now my long-delayed day job project is finally kicking into higher gear. No wonder I'm tired...

We had a wonderful visit with my parents once they finally arrived, spending time together but also getting out to do some hiking and enjoy Israel's gorgeous spring wildflowers, finding hidden mosaics (more on that in a future post), visiting Jerusalem's Ice World (great fun, especially for the kids, and definitely worth a visit if you haven't been yet (it's on till the end of the month), especially if you have an Isracard and can get 50% off), touring the Old City, and even taking a (touristy but fun) boat ride off the Tel Aviv coast. Even better, they also watched the kids for five days so that Jay and I could go away. Since our Barcelona caper was off we went off to France instead (did I ever tell you about that? What a mess... We had tickets on the now-bankrupt Spanair and only found out they'd gone bust by accident. We did eventually recoup our money thanks to the credit card company but it was then too late to find affordable tickets to Barcelona, so we had to quickly rejig our vacation and flew to Geneva instead, where we rented a car and drove over to France for the week. All's well that ends well, but at the time it was a huge source of stress.). The weather in Burgundy was lousy, cold and rainy, but that just meant we spent more time eating and drinking (happy sigh) and I did manage to grab a few photos in between the raindrops... ;)

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So what have you all been up to while I've been away? Inquiring minds want to know :).

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