Monday, February 19, 2007

Apparently I've been doing it wrong all these years

(Having that other post up on top was stressing me out, so I decided to add a bit of fluff just to bump it down. Feel free to still comment on it though, I just didn't want to see that big title staring up at me every time I opened my blog.)

I was just reading Jo's (Leery Polyp's) post on singing your children to sleep (I've been lurking there for years. Love her blog.). Neither of my kids have ever particularly liked being sung to sleep (hmm, that doesn't say anything very good about my singing now, does it?), but I have occasionally gotten away with it, mainly with Maya.

She's always enjoyed hearing Brahm's Lullaby ("Lullaby and Goodnight"), which I've always sung like this:

Lullaby and goodnight, go to sleep my little baby
Close your eyes, close them tight
And to everyone good night.

Goodnight, goodnight, and to all a good night.
Goodnight, goodnight, and to all a good night.

Having now looked at the real lyrics, I've realized that I wasn't even close. I wonder where on earth I got my words from... I like mine better though, they're much simpler. I think I'll stick with them. Besides, Maya already knows them by heart and likes to sing along. Can't go rocking her world with new lyrics now, can we.


Fairly Odd Mother said...

It'd be funny if she remembers the lyrics you sing differently and then sings a NEW version someday. I've mentioned this once on someone's blog but the one song I sing consistently is the song "Clean Diapers are the Way to be" sung to the tune of Green Acres (the tv show from way back when).

Terri said...

JJ asks for "Somewhere over the Rainbow" every night. Judy Garland I am NOT!

Lilight said...

Thanks for posting the lyrics, Robin. I too never knew what they were and have always invented my own. I also sang to the tune of Brahm's lullabye to my babies.

Scribbit said...

Andrew's father used to sing it to him in German when Andrew was a boy so now Andrew sings it like that to our kids. I have a feeling however that no German would recognize the lyrics :)

Kim said...

Robin, I love that blog too! I almost came out of lurkdom to post on that thread but didn't.

I used to sing Amazing Grace to M. She could be fighting sleep with everything she had and I would start singing Amazing Grace and she would fall over asleep!

O on the other hand....."Stop singing Mama"!!!

I also may or may not have sung him a song about diaper changes to the tune of and EZ-E song.

Kim said...

Ok, that should be easy-e.