Sunday, February 4, 2007

Just another Sunday, and The Lactivist Beats Big Pork

No Super Bowl hype here. The game won't even start until 4am our time. I'm not really a football fan anyway, but when I lived in the States I did like checking out the new commercials (and the nachos!) and occasionally watching parts of the game if it was a particularly good one.

Today was just a regular work day here, except that I'm still fighting off this cold so I decided to just rest up today and try to beat it. Verdict still isn't in. I'm not dying, but I'm definitely not healthy either.

Good news for those who've been following the Big Pork vs The Lactivist issue (the bozos at the National Pork Board actually sent this woman a nastygram for selling t-shirts (off of which she's earned a whopping $8!) that say "The Other White Milk"). The Pork Board has actually apologized for their completely over the top and inappropriate sledgehammer tactics (helped I'm sure by a veritable flood of bad publicity all across blogland). Score one for common sense and the little guy against big corporate idiocy.

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darcy said...

It can be a powerful tool-this internet thing. Reading that update has me freaking out with glee. What a bunch of corporate loons. Unbelievable.