Thursday, February 8, 2007

Thursday Thirteen, edition 2

Thirteen Things
ROBIN still has to do to get ready for her son's 6th birthday party on Tuesday
(yup, I'm hijacking the list for my to-do list - at least this way I won't lose it!)

1. Buy his gift from us (new bike), add bow.

2. Wrap gift from little sister (soccer ball) and from grandparents (digital camera (he's gonna flip!) and batteries, books). Wrap gifts from my sister.

3. Make sure the bomb shelter is clean (the party is in our building's bomb shelter). Put up decorations - balloons, streamers, signs, carpets, blankets over old scuzzy couches.

4. Bring down big garbage cans, basket for gifts

5. Put favors in loot bags. Consider adding bubbles, too.

6. Make and shape cake - at least one day before frosting so it can "set"

7. Prepare cake decorations - blue frosting and yellow and maroon stars - and decorate cake (sorry, to find out what it is you'll have to come back in a few days, it's a surprise)

8. Make invitation sign for Itai's classroom door and sign for lobby showing where to go Hang signs in lobby.

9. Buy 40 drink packs, 30 pitot (plural of pita), chocolate spread, hummous, and assorted snacks and candy (bisli, pretzels, marshmellows, potato chips, etc.), water and drinks for adults

10. Cut and stuff pitot - 40 halves with chocolate spread, 10 with hummous, leave last 10 for emergency replacements). Arrange on trays. - Tuesday afternoon.

11. ,Buy paper goods - plates, napkins (including for cake) and birthday sign for bomb shelter door. Get cups from shed..

12. Get cash to pay magician. Confirm he's coming and any special requirements.

13. Charge camera batteries, clear memory card.

Whew, I hope that's it, I'm out of numbers!

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Anonymous said...

*whew*! Sounds like you're busy, but I'm sure it'll be a fun time. Happy Birthday to your son!

Happy TT, and thanks for visiting my blog. :)

JHS said...

Wow! A bike, digital camera, musician and 40 friends? He's one lucky little boy. Hope you get it all done in plenty of time and the party is a lot of fun!

Robin said...

Hopefully only about 25-30 friends, but yes, 40 are invited. You have to invite the whole class here. He's got 34 just in his kindergarten class, so add a few other friends and boom, 40. And by age 6 they're pretty much all dropoffs too (gulp). That's why parties here in Israel all have an entertainer to run the party and keep the kids occupied. No parent would be insane enough to try!

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Now, this is not mundane (as you indicated at my blog), it is a slice of life, and I loved reading it. He is going to have so much fun between the camera and the bike. And his mom is quite clever to multitask and get two lists done in one.

Unknown said...

I did this for my older daughter, there were about 12 mothers and 12 kids, so about 25. Yes, batteries and a clean memory card are very important.
Have a fun Birthday!

Anonymous said...