Friday, December 26, 2008

Fall, North of Israel, Late December

Taken last weekend in Rosh Pina. This is about as good as fall colors get around here, and even this is a bit of an oddity. Of course "fall" was followed by winter, or at least our cold rainy version of it, just a day or two later.


Jientje said...

Another picture I can't see!! This sucks!! Sorry for the cranky comment Robin, but I get so nervous over this, I just don't know what causes it!
Annyay, happy Hannukah, enjoy your holiday!!

"Sunshine" said...

Those colors are simply gorgeous! We had freezing rain for a few days, and now we have fog :( But yesterday was sunny!

storyteller said...

Such lovely colors ... thanks for sharing.
Hugs and blessings,

anymommy said...

Beautiful pictures, as always. Hey, everyone needs a little cold, right? I'm sure I'll get my share in February!

Libby's Library said...

Wonderful fall colors...
...after showing my 17
year old son, one of your pictures the other day (mind you he's a little socially and accademically delayed), he implied that I was lying about where you lived. He then stated - and I quote, "Isreal is just sand, and the only people that live there, live in the desert and they all carry guns". I immediatly "set him straight" and we then went back through many of your posts, so that I could show him pictures of the area where you live.
Because of this I have decided that I am going to set aside one night each week, to talk to Joey about my different "bloggy friends" and the states and countries they are from. We are going to study about the history, of the different states and countries...customs and foods too. We will try out different recipes, get out maps, etc. etc.
Thanks for bringing your part of the world into our home!

Wendelyn DeMoss said...

I am continuously amazed at how each part of the world experiences different seasons all at the same time. Winter cold here in Oklahoma, Big snow in norther US, hot in Sydney, and fall in your part of the world. I love it!

Leora said...

In years when we don't get enough rain in the summer in New Jersey, our foliage has sort of looked like that. This year, with abundant summer rain, we got the vibrant, varied colors.

Nice photo.

Felisol said...

Hello Robin,
I could do with this short autumn and winter.

Praying for you and for Israel.
From Felisol

Robin said...

Thank you Felisol.