Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Mathematics of Bliss

8 friends
34 hours
1 Dead Sea spa hotel
2 treatments
3 pools (regular, Dead Sea water, jacuzzi)
0 husbands
0 children
6 metric tons of snacks
497 cocktails
3 inch average height of heels worn at dinner
8 Broadway show tunes sung too loud (and probably off-key) around a very public outdoor pool
3 drinks consumed in the pool (yes in) before onset of said singing
10 minutes of unexpected fireworks
18 minimum age of all hotel guests
16 average mental age of a group of women on a much-needed girlfriends getaway
0 cellphones permitted in public areas
6 months - maximum amount of time we're willing to wait before we do this again
However you add it up, it doesn't get much better than this.


Unknown said...

awesome!!! glad you had so much fun. sounds like a blast! :)

Maribeth said...

I LOVE this picture!!!!!
Second, It sounds like Heaven!
Third, saw Mom and she is looking a bit better.

Mimi said...

So I take it you had a good time then?
Lovely picture, uplifting.

qandlequeen said...

WOOO!!! Way jealous here! There is NOTHING like a trip with the girls!

Jennifer said...

Sounds practically perfect in every way!!! Love the pic - it is so happy!

deedee said...

I wish I could come!

fiona said...

Mathematic bliss indeed. That sounds just fantastic. Any photos?

Robin said...

A few, they'll be appearing over the coming days. The flower photo in this post was taken on the hotel patio :).

This Eclectic Life said...

*sigh* sounds like my idea of Heaven! Except for the heels.

Sandy said...

A great time, I'm sure!

Heckety said...

That sounds just wonderful! It'll make you feel good for a while too! I want to know were the fireworks real or accidental?

moneythoughts said...

Congratulations! Sounds like you found the right medicine. : )

fairyform said...

Yep, the perfect mathematical formula for de-stressing, especially for harried moms or stressed out career women.

Daryl said...

Wonderful ... the perfect remedy for winter! Dont you love HIGH heels!!

Robin said...

The fireworks were real. I don't know what the occasion was, maybe a wedding or something.

I do love heels, but they don't love me. I managed to stay in mine for the evening but after that it was straight back to my sensible shoes and orthotics! Ugly, but keep me able to actually walk.

Mojo said...

sounds like the perfect remedy. for anything.

Jew Wishes said...

Ahhhh, such joy! What a beautiful capture of color and serenity. Just look at those lavender and white beauties.

Frida said...

Sounds like real fun!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Sounds amazing and I LOVE that image.

I keep meaning to send you an e-mail to thank you for your comment on my Oliver post last week. Your girl always gives me such hope...

Jill said...

Love it... love it ... love it. Friends are THE best! All so important to enjoy your time with them and recharge your batteries!

Baila said...

Sounds amazing...

Anonymous said...

Oh my ... sounds MARVELOUS ;-)
I love the macro pink blossoms and am wondering what they're called because they look a lot like the flowers blooming around my palm tree currently.
Hugs and blessings,

Leora said...

"0 cellphones permitted in public areas" - really?

The flowers look luscious - trying to remember the name. Looks so familiar. Glad you had such a fun getaway!

Janet said...

now that sounds like fun!

ninja said...

I especially like the number of cocktails.

anymommy said...

So perfect. Glad you had such a wonderful time. I adore this picture.