Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Snippets - 20 Nov 2011


I love how this looks like a tiny self-contained universe, at least to me

  • Oh my god, Thanksgiving is this week.
  • I am hosting 24 people this Saturday and haven't even made a shopping list yet.
  • Yes, we usually do Thanksgiving on the Saturday, since the day itself is just a regular workday. 
  • Thank goodness everyone pitches in with the cooking.
  • Still, I have an insane number of dishes to cook this week.
  • Did I mention I'm also invited to another Thanksgiving dinner this week. Yup, two. One as a guest, one as a host.
  • That's a LOT of food.
  • Good thing I love stuffing and pumpkin pie.
  • And turkey too.
  • Actually, I love pretty much all Thanksgiving food. This holiday is a real favorite of mine.
  • It's not going to cook itself though, which means I really MUST get to the grocery store soon!
  • Which also means I need to finalize which side dishes I'm making already!
  • I sold a peacock iPhone case the other day, too - don't you wish you were the lucky one about to receive this? (You can be you know, it's just a click away. Just sayin'...)
  • Oh, and it's STILL raining. Four days straight. Very out of character. We need the rain, but still, wouldn't it be better if it just rained, say, from 2am-4am every night instead. I'd like that a whole lot better, wouldn't you?
So what's on your snippet list this week?

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Fábio Martins said...

An interesting idea. Good catch

Daryl said...

LOVE that iPhone cover,if I wasnt also deeply in love with the one I have now ...

I am not cooking, I am not even warming up prepared foods .. we are ordering in .. burgers, grilled chicken and fries .. it goes with the non stop football ToonMan and my Sister will be watching ..