Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Snippets with Anemones

Somehow I seem to have fallen out of the blogging habit lately. Everything is fine, I'm just juggling a few too many balls in a few too disparate areas and needed a bit of a break for the sake of my continued sanity. I'm still around but stepping back from the blog for a bit has given me some time to clear my head - and then to fill it right back up with new obsessions -
  • The weather has been amazingly crappy this winter. Rainy and bleak more often than not.
  • This is NOT conducive to wildflower photography.
  • The wildflowers are peaking this month, so not having many opportunities to get out there and shoot them is making me cranky.
  • To compensate, I'm obsessing over a new interest - teaching myself to sew. 
  • I've wanted to learn for years and have literally dozens of tutorials and projects bookmarked for "someday" when I learn.
  • I've decided that someday is now.
  • I've ordered a (fairly basic but well regarded) sewing machine from Italy (got a far better deal than I would have here in Israel, where such things are still stupidly expensive (think triple what they'd cost in the US) and since my husband just happens to be going to Italy on business this week...).
  • My new machine is waiting for me at his hotel. This makes me very happy :).
  • I've got my first two projects lined up, and on Wednesday will go to Tel Aviv to buy my supplies (didn't like the offerings in my local store, turns out she's very well-stocked on threads, notions, etc., much less so on fabric).
  • I've also got plenty of scraps to practice on first - even a striped shirt so that I can practice sewing in a straight line :).
  • My grandmother was a dress designer, she'd have loved to have seen one of us finally take an interest. I'm just hoping I also inherited some of those genes!
  • I get the machine on Friday, so check back next week to see if how my plan worked...
So what's on your snippet list this week?


Josie Two Shoes said...

How nice to find your post! I love the wild flower photos you have been able to capture for us, nothing says spring like a field dotted with bright red blossoms!

I too have a stack of sewing projects... in a box, waiting for me to get after it. I have a lovely machine, new a few years ago, that I've used seldom and really want to start some creative things with it, like patchwork quilt blocks! I learned to sew from my grandmother on an old foot-powered treadle Singer sewing machine, making doll clothes at first. I've been in love with it ever since. Another one of those someday plans I need to find time for, I really need to live to be 100 so I can do more things I enjoy! Good luck with your sewing, we'll be eagerly waiting photos!!

Jael said...

What a beautiful picture;I love when the wild flowers bloom.Unlike you,I have loved this nicely cold winter and the grey days,as there are far too many sunny days in this country(I am very sensitive to sun..)
Good luck with the sewing.I have not used a sewing machine since second grade,when the machine needle went through my finger....

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I hear you about juggling... And I love your anemone pictures!

I have a sewing machine that I have of yet to learn how to use. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one starting to learn a bit later than high school (a BIT!)