Friday, December 15, 2006

Thursday recap

It's been quite a day. It's 1:30am (ok, so it's actually Friday morning by now) and I'm exhausted. Which means of course that I'm an idiot for sitting here blogging when I should be going to bed, but nevermind...

Got up early this morning after just 4.5 hours sleep (more stupidity, don't ask). Got both kids dressed and ready then took Itai over to school. I then ran back to get to work (deadlines looming and making Robin a very cranky camper). It was only 10am when I got a call from the owner of Itai's afternoon program. His class was getting out early today since their big Hannukah party was tonight, and she was supposed to pick him up at 11. Unfortunately she was having a problem and couldn't get there, so I said I'd get him and take him for an hour until her assistant could get there. Dropped him off again at 12, ran a couple of errands while walking home (one of the advantages of urban life) and got back to work, in between cooking the rice salad for tonight's GNI. Picked up Maya at 4, took her to the greengrocer's next store and then hopped a cab to go get Itai. The kids played and had a snack while I did laundry and dishes. At 6:30pm it was time to go to Itai's party. They did a great job - lots of singing, dancing, props, black light effects (they had all the kids wearing white), candlighting, etc. Very cute. Hopefully a few of my pictures came out well and I'll have something to post tomorrow. I'm not sure though. I was sitting in a corner, and nearly every picture I tried to take either has someone's head, someone's butt, or someone else's kid!

After that it was home to visit for a while and then off to GNI, where much eating, drinking, laughter and mayhem ensued. A perfect end to a long day.

Well, I've rambled on enough for one night. I need to get up at a reasonable hour tomorrow. Jay will get the kids to school but I've got a 10am meeting and some other things to accomplish tomorrow morning. G'night all. Check back tomorrow to see if any of the pictures survived the cull...

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