Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Quick update about Maya

This is a really busy week (made more so by all of these playdates!), but I wanted to quickly say that this morning's meeting with the psychologist was a good one. I think that together we gained some excellent insights into what is going on with Maya (more on that later when I have time to do it justice), and more importantly, we now know that L is optimistic about her situation. She admitted that prior to seeing her with us she was extremely worried, but now feels that with my spending a little time in the classroom and with her teachers getting some concrete suggestions for how to connect with her we should start seeing improvement over the next few weeks to a month. She doesn't see a need for any kind of formal therapy right now. We'll revisit that later if Maya doesn't seem to improve despite our interventions, but for now she's optimistic that everything that's going on is surmountable. There is a pretty serious gap between Maya in school and Maya in the rest of her life, but the "rest of her life" Maya is exactly where she should be, and even advanced in some areas. With some loving care and directed help the "schoolday" Maya should be able to catch up sooner rather than later.

Thank god.

I'm now going to go wash the supper dishes (that my husband was supposed to do before falling asleep on Itai's floor!) and listen to my not sleeping daughter singing and reading to herself.

PS For those keeping track of the details, Maya and I spent a long time playing Magnetix tonight. Not only did she not simply line things up, she was making numbers, letters (including some I'd never shown her how to do), trees, mountains, a car for Dora's friend Tico... After that we sang a few duets and I read her a few books before she went to go dance and sing to her Gymboree dvd. This is not a withdrawn, introverted, unresponsive child. This child is a delight. A ray of golden sunshine. Now we just have to help nurture that sunshine and help it to shine out at school.

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