Sunday, March 25, 2007

Shades of Gray

Or more precisely, shades of dusty brown.

We had several days of hot and very dusty winds blow in from North Africa on Thursday and Friday (very typical in the spring), and then during the night Friday it apparently drizzled for a minute or two, leaving the entire country coated with a dusty, smudgy mess. Everything looks gray, muted, depressing. There's a uniform sameness of the landscape. Differences are hidden. Everything is the same shade of brown. On a more practical note, getting to the car wash is top priority today, I can barely see out my windows!

On the one hand, these sharavs are sort of nice because they're a chance to break out all the summer clothes and enjoy a taste of summertime without the humidity, but on the other hand during a severe one the dryness and the dust can get very oppressive. At its worst, a sharav is like being inside a clothes dryer while it's running. Thankfully they usually only last a few days and then normal spring weather returns, and then before we know it spring is over and we're well into the long hot humid summer. Bring it on!

Edited to say that wow, I apparently really really need a cup of coffee. I just glanced over this entry and found at least 7 truly stupendous typos and grammatical idiocies (corrected now). Off to go brew some java ASAP.


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Wow! I've never seen anything like that. Is the air hard to breathe? On a plus side, I could use a few days of summer right about now!

Robin said...

This one wasn't terrible, but yes, sometimes it can be hard to breathe. This time dry skin was more a problem for me - my arms and legs felt strange and "twitchy" from the dryness.

Scribbit said...

"Dusty winds blow in from Africa. . . "

It may just be dirt and dust and a household nuisance but stick "Africa" in there and it's so exotic and wonderful. I think I'd love dust if it was from Africa :)

Scribbit said...

Funny how I'd forgotten this completely--and I guess one man's dust is another man's travel adventure right?

I'll send you a jar of my volano ash and you can send me a jar of your Libyan sand :)