Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dona Nobis Pacem

Dona nobis pacem - grant us peace.

A noble sentiment to be sure, but is it really what we should be focusing on? Should we really be sitting still waiting for this elusive peace to be granted to us, or should we be reaching forward, inch by inch, day by day, stretching out our fingertips until we can take hold of it and clasp it tightly to our breast?

Today of all days, when the world is still reeling with joyful tears and the belief that a new day is dawning, we need to stand up and be counted.

Peace does not come to those who do nothing. It doesn't come to those who sit home waiting for others to act. It doesn't come to those who dwell on hatred and fear. It doesn't come to those who look for differences instead of commonalities.

Our words, our actions, our trust, our belief can set us on the road to peace. It is not an easy road. There are many who seek to prevent us from reaching the end, but there is safety in numbers. There is hope in numbers. There is ABILITY in numbers.

Together we can make it happen. Together we can show the naysayers and the non-believers that it can be done. Together, we MUST make it happen. For us. For our children. For our neighbors. For their children. For ALL the children.


Don't wait for peace to be granted. Put aside your doubts and fears and reach out and make it so.

Peace will come, and let it begin with me.

Come with us. Join the Blog Blast for Peace. Do it now.

Peace Will Come
Words and Music by Tom Paxton

Peace will
Peace will come
And let it begin with me

We need
We need peace
And let it begin with me

Oh, my own life is all I can hope to control.
Oh, let my life be lived for the good,
Good of my soul.

Let it bring

Sweet peace
Peace will come
And let it begin with me.

Click here to listen to a short clip from Tom Paxton's Peace Will Come.


Gemma Wiseman said...

Beautifully expressed! And peace is an active movement, not a passive one!

Happiness and peace!

Hootin Anni said...

Wonderful...The poem is certainly a movement toward peace of the mind.

Come on over, and read my impressions of peace if you can find time today.

Michelle said...

The poem's a perfect choice.


storyteller said...

You've expressed the truth so effectively here. Thank you and … Amen!

Thich Nhat Hanh teaches that ‘Peace is in every step’ … a choice in every instant no matter what’s happening around or within us. As each of us blogs for peace today, we join our minds and hearts together to create this reality in our world.
Hugs and blessings,

j said...

Peace to you! The poem was wonderful.

Gattina said...

Peace and Love to you ! That's very right what you wrote ! My childhood was just after WW II, and I remember !

Julia Phillips Smith said...

((hugs)) to you, Robin! A wonderful post on the reality of achieving peace. It starts with an intention, and then must proceed outwards.

Blessings to all on this peace-filled day.

Dawn Fortune said...

Marvelous post.

And intriguing to me. My religious tradition taught me that "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me" came from Saint Francis of Assisi, who founded the Franciscan order of monks. They do wonderful works when they are not too wrapped up in being Catholic. My opinion, nobody else's, FYI. Don't want to offend.

Robin said...

Tom Paxton isn't claiming the quote, he just incorporated it into his song ;-).

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Robin. And you are right, that we can't sit back and wait for peace to be granted. We have to reach out to one another.

Peace to you, this day and always.

Reiza said...

Beautiful! I'm linking to this post. You said it perfectly.

Ivanhoe said...

Yes we can! Beautiful poem, too.
Peace & love to you :o)

Travis Cody said...

Yes! I've always said that this is a movement and it requires action. Posting the Globes is one bit of action to support the effort. But then we must act in the way that seems best to us to bring about the goal.

Peace is a process. Thank you for expressing that so well.

Jientje said...

Peace Robin!

Loved your post!

Lux said...

Such a beautiful post.


Ralph said...

We need to use the peace in our hearts and pass it on: to our children who will spread peace to their friends, parents and others. That assumes that we have the peace in our hearts. As God has commanded, Love your neighbor...Wish everyon did!

Dianne said...

it IS so important to practice peace in our daily lives

Anonymous said...

Let's all pray for peace everyday :)

Carletta said...

Hi Robin,
This was a great post. I loved 'safety in numbers, hope in numbers, ABILITY in numbers!!

Let it begin with me - you already visited so you know I chose the same sentiment! :)

Raven said...

Amen! Well said! I do think better days are coming and peace is more a possibility than it was a week ago. I hope so. It really is something that can be chosen if enough of us get together and choose it.

MaR said...

Beautiful peace globe and post.
Peace to you and yours!

Julie said...

I like this place! The whole island theme is so clever! I have an island too but I call it the butcher block for some reason.

Very thoughtful post, thanks for sharing.

May the spirit of peace take over!

Anonymous said...

Let peace begin with me.

Beautiful post.