Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On heatwaves, matza, and other meanderings

Another spring sharav came through today, bringing with it soaring temperatures (well up into the nineties) and dessicatingly dry air. There wasn't that much dust with this one though, thank goodness. The sharav finally broke this evening and as we speak (err, as I type) gale-force winds are whipping through the neighborhood, shaking my windows and rattling my walls, and with no disrespect to Bob Dylan not at all figuratively.

In other meaningless news Jay and I managed to stash the kids with the visiting grandparents for a few hours this morning so that we could head into Tel Aviv to finally look for a new light fixture for the living room. Our old one exploded (yes, quite literally, blowing the circuits for the entire house with it) about two months ago and we've been living in semi-darkness ever since, unable to find the time to head over to the South Tel Aviv street known for an abundance of lighting stores all on the same block. After visiting every last store on the street we finally found something we both loved in the very last store. It's custom-made so we won't have it until next Friday, but what's another week after all this time. It's a very cool fixture, definitely worth waiting for - somewhat like the way all of you will have to wait for the photos, since I'm suspecting it will make a great monochrome shot.

In other news I am now officially utterly and completely sick of matza. The holiday ends tomorrow night here in Israel - and not a moment too soon. I have had quite enough of eating cardboard for one year.

We're off on a tiyul (trip, and in this case nature hike) tomorrow, so hopefully my next post will have more photos and less meaningless drivel.

Perhaps not, but we can always hope, right?


Janet said...

Do you perhaps have a poltergeist living in the house? One of the women in my office made a matza pizza yesterday :)

Daryl said...

Cool news about the new fixture, I will be waiting to see ..

And I am so bad .. someone asked me when Passover ends .. and I said tonite which is wrong .. oh well

anymommy said...

Have a great hike. Hope that means you can eat lots of yummy bread when you get back ;-)

Libby's Library said...

After an exploding light fixture and a falling sink...maybe you should think about moving!
Hope you're enjoying the visit with your parents.

Mojo said...

Yeah, if you ever invent a cure for the common matza you'll be a very wealthy lady. Of course the trick is finding a cure that'll pass the kosher for passover test... not so easy form what I'm told. But it's something to strive for na?

I've never had a light fixture actually blow up, but I've had a couple melt down. I guess there's a little bit of difference in the coefficient of drama, but the end result is pretty much the same. Hope the new one's not also haunted.

Keep you head down and don't let the sharav get ya.

Anonymous said...

Nowadays, when I think back to my childhood, when all my friends suffered through the Matza Days, I flash back to Forrest Gump: Matza Pizza, Matza PB&J, Matza Sandwiches...and that's all there is to Matza. :)
I actually liked Matza...but then again, I didn't have to eat it. LOL

Phyllis Sommer said...

i'm still happily eating the flat stuff. pesach prep is too much work for how short the week feels....plus we eat all sorts of great treats that we don't eat all year long so i enjoy the fun:-)

hang in there, it's almost over!

Jientje said...

I've never had exploding light fixtures (or sinks falling to the floor for that matter) but I used to be so stressed when I came home from work a couple of years ago, that I blew the fuses every time I touched the light switch! Can't wait to see the picture of the new light fixture!

Gilit Frank said...

I had an exploding light fixture and it was not fun! Are the prices in South Tel Aviv really better than in the stores known for lighting?

My son bought too much matzah and we were both out of town for most of the holiday - any ideas what to do with the leftovers????

Robin said...

Matza brei?

The stores in South TA run the gamut from mass-produced chain stores (Machsanei Teura) to super high-end custom stuff (we saw a few FANTASTIC custom options but I'd need to win the lottery to justify that kind of purchase). What we found was a good compromise - custom, but in a "real people" store where the factory is right upstairs. Exactly what I wanted - much nicer (and I admit more expensive) than a similar mass-produced fixture I saw the same morning, but a thousand shekels (yes really) less than something nearly identical would have been in the swanky store.

Leora said...

Your matza comment stuck in my head. For the first year, I actually missed matza and was sad to go back to bread. Some of it may have to do with the fact that I spoil my boys with my homemade challah each week, so as soon as Pesach was over I woke up early to make the challah. My own fault for being an overly indulgent mommy.

My middle son whole-heartedly agrees with you, that matza is cardboard. My daughter is still eating matzah, especially when spread with jam.