Friday, November 20, 2009

Frailties and Flowers

I've got a sick and feverish one of these (she did perk up a bit for a glass of "choco" as it's known here)
So I didn't have time to play much with these
Click to enlarge
I did manage to get in a decent (or at least extensive, decent remains to be seen) photo shoot this morning with the flowers I'd bought yesterday but I haven't gotten a good look at the results yet. I may find myself with some unplanned downtime to have a go tomorrow though - we're supposed to join friends for an afternoon hike but at the moment it's looking like Miss M and I will be sending the boys off to go play in the woods without us. Hopefully this is just a short-lasting reaction to the flu booster (regular flu, not H1N1) she got yesterday and not some really evil virus but either way she's definitely feeling under the weather today, to say the least. Poor thing was most upset about missing kindergarten this morning.
PS She's eating omelettes now! (Well not NOW now, NOW now she's lying on the couch with her eyes half closed staring blankly at Spongebob, but yesterday and the day before she did.) Anyone who's been reading this blog for a while will know that among other factors at play Maya's also got enough food issues to qualify her as officially neophobic. This child leaves picky in the dust. We were told all along to focus on the other issues and the food would take care of itself eventually. It didn't really, she'd add a new food at the rate of about one or two a year (yes, a year), BUT, and this is a huge but, since she was doing so well with everything else we told her that once she turned six she'd have to start trying new foods. No more saying she doesn't like it without even tasting it. She'd have to have at least one bite of something new each day. She wouldn't have to eat more than a bite if she really didn't like it, but she would have to at least taste it. We gave her a full month to get used to the idea before we began, and so far it's working. She certainly isn't breaking any land-speed records for the rate at which she's adding new foods, but in the past few months she's added carrot sticks and red peppers (vegetables! my daughter is eating vegetables!), homemade chicken fingers made out of actual food rather than only the frozen processed ones, pizza with sauce (still no cheese, but it's not just naked crust anymore), brown rice instead of white, and now plain omelettes! She decided she wanted to try it on Wednesday evening (mid-yogurt I might add). I jumped on the initiative and made her promise that if I made it for her special that she'd eat at least three bites, and more if she liked it. Damned if she didn't eat the whole thing. She was so excited about it that she called her dad at work and her grandparents in the US to tell them! The next night she even accepted her brother's offer to make her another one.
Maya funny: after eating the omelette Itai made she promptly declared it "the best in the world, better than god makes", then thought about it for a minute and asked "does god even make omelettes?" This kid cracks me up.


kayerj said...

hooray for Maya--she and the flower are beauties

Maribeth said...

The flower is beautiful and what a cute shot of Maya.
I'm usually not a picky eater, but with the pneumonia I am just not feeling like eating. I need Itai to make me an omelet!

Daryl said...

This is so wonderful ... someday I will tell you about my food issues...

day by day said...

aww...sorry Maya has not been feeling well!!! Hope she feels better so soon!

Hooray for her trying new foods! My 16 year old son sounds just like her. I think it is a lost cause with him at this point! I have Ella do the one new thing a night with the veggies, too. I don't want her to reach the point where her big brother is!

Beautiful flower!!!

Rivster said...

So amazing!!!

BTW, we call these "no-thank you bites." Gotta try one real bite, but if you don't like it, just gotta say "no thank you."

quilly said...

The flower is gorgeous but Maya is even more beautiful. I hope she is feeling well. i have never gotten a flu shot without it giving me the flu. Getting the shot is like guaranteeing I'll be sick, whereas not getting the shot gives me a chance to luck out and miss it.

Dimple said...

Funny! I'm glad she's growing and learning, even if it seems glacial to you sometimes! I hope she is feeling better very soon.
Lovely flowers, both the plant and the human!

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

WOW! You go girl!

Boo started eating omelettes a while back and then stopped.

Back to fries, ham sandwiches, sausages and fruit. *sigh*

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Love the soundbyte - that's hilarious.

Janet said...

oh, isn't it wonderful!!! Pretty soon she'll be trying all manner of things!

moneythoughts said...

What's that expression? You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette. Good question.

Shannon said...

She is too cute. Congrats on the new food initiative. Feeding a picky eater is so very hard. I have one myself. Not sure what the inherent need is for mothers to nourish their children but it sure is strong. I know how good it must make you feel!

Dina said...

Maya is the real flower.
May she feel well soon.
We could make a collection of our kids' and grandkids' God questions. Aren't they great?!
Betayavon, Maya-metuka.

Mama Pajama said...

nice - yay, Maya!

Mojo said...

Two flowers in one post. And both beautiful.

Magnificent job with the daisy (I think)!