Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hi from New Hampshire - I'm over at Indie Ink today

I'm here today (quite literally, the kids and I are in New Hampshire, just about a mile from where this was taken).

We got in last night after a very long but fairly uneventful journey from Tel Aviv to Madrid to Boston to New Hampshire (21 hours door to door, but who's counting?). I managed to stay awake until a very reasonable 8:30pm last night and slept well - until I started dreaming of water and woke to find it raining on my face! So much for sleeping with an open window LOL. By morning the rain was gone and it was blue skies and lovely warm (not holy crap it's hot, what a lovely change) temperatures and by 11:30 were were down at the beach for an afternoon on swimming and picnicking. My dad even took out the Snark and gave the kids a quick sail around.

Whoops, time to haul Maya out of the bathtub before she turns into a raisin.

 Have a great day everyone :). More soon.


Mojo said...

I was wondering where you'd gone off to! Send some of that not-holy-crap-it's-hot weather down this way will ya?

And congrats on getting pimped on II too! Off to go see what they published.

Maribeth said...

Welcome back to my neck of the woods!

Jill said...

Welcome to the good ole US of A. Glad your trip went well... enjoy your time here and relax. You deserve it!!!

Mama Pajama said...

yikes! I always fly direct - do you save a lot taking the long way? and actually, waking up with NH rain on my face sounds very refreshing right about now! sounds like a beautiful day ~

Maude Lynn said...

21 hours? Yikes!

Jientje said...

21 hours sounds awfully long, we usually travel twelve hours to get from door to door. Hope you'll have a wonderful vacation there!

Jael said...

Enjoy your holiday Robin!

Spacemom said...

Waving from just below the NH border in Boston!
(okay- I'm outside of Boston, but still!)

Daryl said...

welcome to this side of the pond ... and send some of that cool weather down here .. its HOT

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Gattina said...

Wow ! that's a long trip !
I have been to Boston, but the State New Hamphire I don't know maybe we went through. It must be a beautiful place.

Heckety said...

Glad you arrived safely- people who live with 'normal' temperatures don't know what a pleasure it is to be warm, not stinking hot! In East Africa the heat was a constant enemy!