Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Stock Sunday - Poolside Revelations



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One of the things I love most about our pool is how many activities they have to keep kids occupied and happy after they come out of the water. Once they're done swimming they head off to play soccer, bounce in the bouncy houses (there are three - it's a big pool), ride on the awesome collection of crazy bikes and trikes, shoot hoops, or just hang out playing ping pong, pool, or as you see here air hockey. This then leaves their parents free to relax on the shaded lawn and chat with friends or even veg out and read a book. After all those years of chasing little ones around for hours on end I can't tell you how much I love having kids old enough that I can actually sit down at the pool. Once Maya's out of the water (Itai's already a strong enough swimmer that I can let him go without me watching, and there are always several lifeguards on duty, Maya swims well but tires more quickly and is young enough that I still watch her like a hawk) my role changes to "home base" - giver of the snacks, provider of the (occasional) ice cream funds and locater of the towels, beach balls, goggles and dive sticks (yes, I do occasionally wonder if we'd be better off with a U-Haul instead of a pool bag).
I recently ran into a woman who's son was in Maya's preschool class a few years ago. She's since had another baby and was racing around trying to keep her from plunging into the deep end, knocking over garbage cans, and defoliating every hibiscus bush in sight. She took one look at me sitting there with my feet up, book in hand, and ruefully said "I hate you right now. I totally hate you." We had a good laugh over it.
I will admit to gloating just a wee bit, and then accepting this extra little bit of validation that yes, stick a fork in me because our family is done done DONE.
Then I came home and gave away the last of the baby stuff.
Summertime. It clears the mind and blows away the cobwebs.



Mojo said...

Well who told her to go squirting out another kid anyway? You? I think not. So what's with all the hating? Here's a clue lady, figure out what causes it and do something about it. Sheesh!

Sorry... but if she's looking for sympathy, tell her I said she can find it in the dictionary somewhere between sh*t and syphilis.

And for the love of mercy tell that kid at the other air hockey table to pull his pants up!

(Yes, I'm channeling my inner curmudgeon -- because I can.)

Robin said...

Not to worry Mojo, her hating was very tongue in cheek, we had a great laugh over it.

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maryt/theteach said...

I was wondering when you were going to start posting about your "pool extroadinare," Robin. Sounds like you have a beautiful place there for your family and the kids. Do you really try to read at the pool? I can't get 3 sentences done before someone comes over to talk... :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice photo of your son.

Mimi said...

Your pool, Robin, sounds like a great place to hang out, for swimmers and those who are not so into the water too. That I like!
And the thoughts of sitting in the shade of a tree, reading a book, yes I could live with that. Might even bring a hip flask with a little liquid refreshment in it!
Happy Summer Stock Sunday!

kayerj said...

I was glad when my kids were old enough they could get on their bikes and go to the pool without me!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

'Then I came home and gave away the last of the baby stuff.'


I love your shot of Itai and the other boys, especially the soft-focus boy in the background. Really timeless feeling to this picture.

anymommy said...

I'm jealous of the certainty. Enjoy that book!

toby said...

The lighting in this photo is amazing - so soft and pleasant! And I'm a little jealous of Itai, air hockey is my absolute favorite :)

Dianne said...

I love your exchange with the mom of the toddler :)

this photo is beautiful Robin, the light is exquisite

This Eclectic Life said...

I agree with Dianne ... the light gives it an ethereal quality.

With my kids grown, the watching of toddlers is just a memory. Occasionally I miss it, but I'm getting lots of reading done :-).

Gattina said...

I saw this meme on "The Teach's" blog and wonder what it is ?
I can't find any explantions or rules.

Robin said...

The explanation of what Summer Stock is all about is right here Gattina, but it's very simple - just post a picture that says "summer" to you with a link back to this week's Summer Stock post here on this blog, and then sign the link. And of course visiting other Summer Stock participants is very much encouraged :).

Mama Pajama said...

air hockey!!! tell Itai it's ON when we finally meet! : )

Jessica Sieghart (The Rock Chick) said...

I love the sharp focus on the subject in the picture with the slight out of focus to the background. I'm not sure if that's a lighting effect or not, but that's a beautiful photo!

We have a ping pong table at our local pool that the kids line up to play. Once in a while you have to dodge a wayward ball, but that's a part of summer!!

Minnesota Mamaleh said...

great photo and lovin' the post! my favorite line? "stick a fork in me." lol

brody is still in the running around phase and i do see the other moms at soccer, etc sitting back & so not wishing they were chasing him! we always laugh about it, too. :)

EG CameraGirl said...

Tee hee! A teensy bit of gloating feels good. :)

Dina said...

Such a sweet picture.

Congrats to you and the kids on reaching stages of independence.

When my son and daughter were young they hatched a plot and together they came to me saying, "Mom, we don't need you anymore," waiting to see my reaction.

Unknown said...


Shira at Table Poetry said...

Ahh...the glorious feeling of independance when the kids finally start growing up a bit. I can relate.

Gattina said...

I decided to join in during summer time,so I will post tomorrow !

Suki said...

Eh! I'll soon be following in the footsteps of that mother you mentioned...No more relaxing in silence by the beach/pool : (