Sunday, January 2, 2011

Baby it's cold in here

It's actually not that bad outside but with our cement block walls it is colder than the dickens inside. I'm bundled up in a sweater and slippers and still feel very much like I'm living in a penguin enclosure, minus the smells and the fish. Okay, with a goldfish (who is thankfully NOT dead, at least not yet, unlike his two (yes two) predecessors earlier this week) but who looks pretty cute and doesn't smell nearly as bad as the ones they chuck at the penguins...

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Dina said...

Yeah, me too. I have to go outside if I want to warm up during the day.
Hope your goldfish didn't freeze.

The penguin is great, you can see so many little details of him.

Jael said...

Cold? I haven't used my heater even once this "winter" and I am still hoping for a really cold weather....Cute picture!

Josie Two Shoes said...

It's cold here too... got down into the 20's F last night. I'm wrapped up in a blanket this morning. Hurry up sun, warm us!!

Terri said...

It's about -8C here and snowing. A winter wonderland outside. I am visiting my sister in Edmonton Alberta at her kitchen table on her laptop. Very relaxing!

Mimi said...

Cold again here, down to 0c or maybe even in minus now it's night. Ice warning coming up on car dash, again!
Love your penguin, Robin. I'm fascinated by that bird, you know how they keep taking turns in the circle so everyone gets to stay warm, or not freeze might be more appropriate. We can learn a lot about sharing from them!

quilly said...

I am cold, too. I but my cuddly bathrobe on over my clothes and pulled the hood up! On my blog right now I have video of a hummingbird drinking from our feeder during a recent snowstorm.