Friday, February 11, 2011

Finally got a break in the rain

Finally! After nearly two solid weeks of wet, gray misery we finally saw that sun Israel is supposed to be known for. We took advantage of the beautiful weather to go out for ice cream and a walk around town. Not a bad way to spend a February weekend now, is it? (It's about dang time too, I do not react well to all this darkness, it's like a physical weight pressing down on my psyche, thank god the sun finally came out again.)

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Dina said...

It's a pretty and happy picture.
Wishing you a lot of sun!

RoeH said...

It's funny how we all react to weather. Now me...the gloomier it get the happier and giddy I become. I'll take grey skies any day.

Mimi said...

God I know the feeling!
And just looking at Maya (I presume!) with that ice cream is giving me a longing for summer, not to mention for ice-cream!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Kate said...

I miss the sun.

Laura said...

oh to be warm in the sun...we do have some sunny days this time of year, but devoid of warmth. Love this little sweet face, enjoying a treat.