Friday, May 6, 2011

Not even a little bit dead (yet)

Alive. Very very alive. Not dead. Not even a little bit dead. One might even be tempted to say thriving (should one be a tempt the fates sort of person, which I am not).

What is this miraculous undead object you ask?

Why, it's this -

This gorgeous orchid was given to me on Passover by a dear friend who is probably the only person who knows me well who didn't believe that I have the dubious talent of being capable of killing even plastic plants, the only one who didn't believe that every live plant that enters my home ends up keeling over dead just in self-defense!
She didn't just gift me with this thing, this stunning orchid is one she raised herself with her very own hands and is only the second one she has ever given away.

This is a lot of pressure to put on a self-declared plant murderer. 

(She said she knew that even if I did manage to kill it that at least she knew it would be well photographed before it's demise. I've managed to keep it alive for several weeks already so I figured I'd better pull out the camera quickly before something happened to it.)

I've been quaking in my crocs (really in my flip-flops but that didn't rhyme) but at least so far it is absolutely, positively, very very much not dead. 

It's even got a new blossom that just opened up! Go me!

(quickly spits three times and throws salt over her left shoulder to avoid upsetting the fates or angering the plant gods...)

So what do you think? Not half bad hey?

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SouthLakesMom said...

If she raised it herself and you're only the second to receive one of her babies, it probably has lots of extra love stored up which should help with self preservation. It is truly beautiful.

Dina said...

You're so funny, Robin. :)

kayerj said...

congratulations! (I totally understand your fear being a plant killer myself). The picture is stunning.

Tania said...

Hehe, thats good!!
The only flower I can have in my house is orchid, they live for years:-)

Thanks for your nice comment. Meet you next time:-)

Mimi said...

I hope the spit or salt didn't land on the orchid Robin!

shibori girl said...

Haha! This was a wonderful post. I, too, am a plant murderer. It's not like I go through life with the intent to render green things brown, but it happens pretty consistently.

Congrats on keeping your beautiful orchid alive. May it continue to thrive in your care...

Happy Mother's Day!


quilly said...

I hope you didn't toss that salt onto the orchid ....

Just keep it in the light and mist it with water everyday. It will be content.

quilly said...

Oh! Gorgeous photo by the way. I love all the beige tones they really make the flower POP.

Sandy said...

Gorgeous plant! That is quite a gift. I thought it had to be fake. I could picture you spitting and tossing. I not only hope you didn't hit the orchid, I hope you did it outside.

Daryl said...

I killed several of those before I learned they thrive on benign neglect.

Dimple said...

Better than not half bad--absolutely wonderful!

Blessings to Israel for reaching 63. May it live for many (many!) more years!