Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Snippets - Lunar Eclipse

(Phew, what a relief to be back again - unless you caught my rants on Twitter and Facebook you probably didn't realize but I was locked out of my Google account for most of the weekend after they mistakenly disabled it! No gmail, no blog, no reader, no nothing! Let's just say it wasn't pretty... Thankfully my very stubborn and quite the genius husband finally found a way to get me back in yesterday before I became homicidal, but it was touch and go there for a while...)

Now for the snippets...
  • We spent yesterday afternoon down by the beach in Tel Aviv.
  • Okay to be precise we spent most of the afternoon in our favorite family-friendly beach bar, but both before and after we ogled the surfers taking advantage of the amazing eclipse-induced waves that were rolling in, bigger than any I've seen in Tel Aviv.
  • The above picture doesn't do them justice, but if you look at how ragged the horizon line looks you'll get a sense of what the sea was like that day.
  • You can also tell that the locals aren't used to waves this big (or am I supposed to say gnarly or something?) because many of the surfers seem to have spent an inordinately large amount of time getting knocked head over heels into the stew.
  • Which makes grabbing that winning shot a real challenge - I never did catch the perfect combination of rows of killers waves with a lone rider streaming by, every time I thought I had they wiped out!
  • We missed most of the actual eclipse, too many tall buildings were blocking the way. 
  • I didn't mind that much since I caught the last one.
  • We did see a little bit of it on the drive home though.
  • We also bumped into a college friend and his wife on the beachfront promenade. That was fun, since it's been twenty years since I've seen them.
  • A certain child's behavior when meeting such friends was particularly ratty, but her spiking a high fever today probably explains why she was struggling more than usual yesterday.
  • Looks like tomorrow will be an at-home day for us. I see a lot of snuggles on the couch in my future. That's okay, I don't mind :).
  • Oh, and I'm not allowed to take any photos, but the other one is sporting a brand new set of braces on his teeth (top only). He suddenly looks so much older. I swear he was just born last week, where does the time go?
So that's my list, what's on yours this week?

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Dina said...

Phew is right. Welcome back.

Look at that sea! Did the moon really do that??
I watched the moon "un-eclipsing" over Jerusalem. The sky was so pink right after sunset that I couldn't even find the eclipsed moon as it rose. I had to wait till it got darker, then the first banana became visible.
But it was even more exciting to go inside and watch the Nobel Prize ceremony live from Stockholm.

Good luck to both kids in their now uncomfortable situations.

Leora said...

What great waves! That's the power of the moon?

Glad to hear you are back in Google land.

Fábio Martins said...

On the crest of the wave

Mimi said...

Love your snippets Robin, but I hate that photo of the beach cos it's freezing here!
Sooooooooooo jealous!
Enjoy your snuggles-on-the-couch day!

Robin said...

According to e-How yes, the eclipse causes larger than usual tides. Pretty impressive for little old Tel Aviv, isn't it?

If it makes you feel any better Mimi, it wasn't really swimming weather. All the surfers were wearing wetsuits, and we were in long sleeves and jackets. It was probably only about 21C *smirk*.

My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography on etsy and Society6 and bring home something beautiful today!

Daryl said...

Apparently the eclipse was unviewable from here due to many issues the least of which was that the city is never dark ... SIGH .. glad you are back, unlocked, unblocked .. and hoping someone is feeling better by now. xo

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I read the small-print part and I hate when that happens! I too have a genius husband who can almost always fix those computer glitches (maybe it's self-defense, he doesn't want me to become homicidal!)

Your picture is lovely and your quiet cozy days sound lovely