Friday, October 26, 2007

Random semi-Halloween cuteness

I'm too exhausted to write any kind of coherent post tonight (and no, it's not from accomplishing anything at all on my giant to-do list) so instead you get shameless mommy-bragging. We had a fun Halloween party here this afternoon. It was all the kids' first experience with Halloween and they took to the whole trick or treating thing (from mom to mom around the living room) awfully quickly (big surprise there, eh?) and the bobbing for apples was a huge hit. These kids were scarfing down apples like they hadn't eaten for a week. They were so taken with the concept that we clever moms decided to turn it into "bobbing for seasonal fruit" and repeat it every few months. The hilarity which ensued unfortunately yielded no good pictures of my costumed kid (Itai - who went as Spiderman) but a few cute ones of my non-costumed kid (Maya - who wore butterfly wings for about 30 seconds, and a necklace and heels for at least 2.5 minutes. Her best costume of the day though was her first - Lady Godiva - since she was answering the door dressed only in her underwear). As a self-respecting momblogger I feel compelled to share the cuteness and blatantly fish for compliments from all of you out there. So that Itai won't feel left out, I'm including one of him from hockey practice the other day too.

Enjoy, and I promise I won't object if you feel compelled to leave a comment telling me how freaking cute my kids are.

Maya looking very pleased with herself after bobbing for an apple (if you can call using your hands to push it into your mouth bobbing that is)

Ms. Flintstone herself (note the feet, not to mention that the car itself is older than dirt)

Enjoy that smile now, he plans to be a goalie!


Kim said...

Oooh! I get to be first to say how freaking cute your kids are!

Love the smile, and O has the exact same car. His looks about the same, it's a hand me down from M. She got it for her first birthday!

Itai looks great on those skates!! Cool.

Nancy said...

"bobbing for seasonal fruit"


Your kids are cute as always!

Anonymous said...

Unquestionably cute!

Anonymous said...

Those are some great photos, Robin.

Maya looks like she's really enjoying that apple. And look at Itai, he looks so cool on his skates.

Your children are very cute.

Pen said...

You children are simply gorgeous. You definitely have bragging rights there ;o) Glad the Halloween party went so well!

Anonymous said...

Do you think bobbing for seasonal fruit would work for vegetables and meat? Might be onto something there....

Glad you all had a wonderful time! And yes, your kids are absolutely adorable (not blowing smoke babe, they truly are... or I would have said 'Like the car/skates/dress' :))

josie2shoes said...

No need to sugar-coat this comment... your kids truly are adorable - such fun pictures, and it sounds like a great time was had by all! I think it's awesome that you introduced a bit of American culture to friends there, I'm sure everyone enjoyed it, and probably thought it was all a bit strange (most things we do here are hard to explain :-) Kids will never resist an opportunity to collect free candy - neither will I! Thanks for sharing happy thoughts - they brighten my day!

Phyllis Sommer said...

i do feel compelled -- they are adorable!