Friday, March 23, 2007

A slice of life

I've spent a lot of time lately worrying over how Maya is doing. I thought I'd take this chance to share the fun side of life too. School worries aside, she is an awfully funny and fun to be with kid.

The first clip is me reading Sandra Boynton's Blue Hat, Green Hat to Maya. She loves this book. The "oops" at the end of each page sends her off into cataclysms of laughter. Better yet, play it and see for yourselves. (Excuse my "oh wow do I need to get back to the hairdresser" dark roots and old sweatshirt, not to mention Maya's lack of attire - we weren't planning to make our big blog debut that night.)

The next clip is Maya performing a Bugs Bunny vaudeville routine. (You're not crazy, half the words are in fact nonsense, but the little soft shoe routine kills me every time.)

(Itai did his own very cute street performance, but that was a Passover song in Hebrew so I haven't posted it here. I'll have to get him to do something in English for me some time soon.)
Last but not least are a few pictures of the kids enjoying a street performance by a group calling themselves Puppet Folk Revival. We saw these guys at a real gig the other night and enjoyed them so much that we brought the kids to see them this afternoon. Click here and here to see them perform. Unique isn't the word, these guys are fabulous!


Lilight said...

Robin - So sweet to see you and Maya on the video. Even though watching a video is almost pointless on my dial-up, I did get to see a little of your clip. Hopefully soon we'll be all hooked-up to cable. You two are adorable though. I just love reading Sandra Boynton books to the kids (they also love them).

Fairly Odd Mother said...

So sweet! I love that Oops book too!

Scribbit said...

She's sweet.

And this is off-topic, but just knowing you're in Tel Aviv is so exotic for me? I love reading blogs that are from far away, it's like a mini-vacation for me to hear about your "adventures."

Kim said...

Those are great Robin! She's so cute, love the dancing :) And how cool to hear your voice!

Robin said...

That's how I feel about your blog Michelle - I can't begin to imagine what life in Alaska is like. All I know about it is what I've seen on Northern Exposure and Men in Trees!