Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Affair

Working late
a quiet hint
a look heavy with promise
the heat in her eyes
matched by the smouldering in his

Soon it is coffee
then lunch
risks taken
promises broken
trust betrayed

A harmless flirtation
turned into a torrid affair

It becomes harder to hide the deception
to keep track of the lies
conscience is ignored
no thought given to those waiting at home
until it is too late

Two marriages ripped apart
four lives left broken and bleeding
(and that's without counting the children)
a few moments of passion
are followed by a lifetime of regret

The Writers Island prompt for this week was torrid. No cause for concern, this piece was strictly fiction.


rel said...

That is so right on awsome...the description;) not the act/s.
Lust erases logic and common sense and when the lust inevitably wans the shattered shards of life are left to be swept up.
If you can't tell, I liked this piece!

Anonymous said...

liked the first stanza ... how you describe the flirtatious moment, this cautious encounter.
The lifetime of regrets, however, to my mind depends on the quality of the affair and the quality of the marriage ... what looks like a curse at first blush, can easily turn out to be quite a blessing ... sometimes

anthonynorth said...

A sad sad story told well. But often I think it is the deceit involved that actually ends relationships.

Anonymous said...

It was probably fun at the time!

Linda Jacobs said...

You describe with very few words the whole affair! Perfect choices!

Drama Mama said...

OOOoooh. I liked this. Titillating.

gautami tripathy said...

It is so very true...

And it saddens me no end.

word by word

Phyllis Sommer said...

very good...hard to imagine how it can be to take that step away.

Lilibeth said...

I deal with the children. It doesn't matter how unsatisfactory the marriages were and how delicious the affair, I deal with the children. It breaks my heart.

Thanks for a good post.

Anonymous said...

Much of the time this is exactly out it pans out when torrid emotions are involved. Unfortunately, intensity of passion and regret often go hand in hand. Very well written!

Rambler said...

when kids are involved its more than 4 lives.. a tale very well told..

Shannon said...

Brian and I have talked so much about this lately with the stories in the news. Both of our families were torn apart by infidelity. People just don't think it through in the moment. The effects are everlasting for sure!

Anonymous said...

hmm, i suppose that is just as it happens... the last two lines are well heard...

Tumblewords: said...

An ugly fact of life, for sure. Torrid isn't always for the better...