Sunday, August 24, 2008

I bet you thought I'd forgotten about you (updated)

I've been neglecting my blog terribly this week, but I've got a great excuse - I've been too busy actually living my life this week to stop and blog about it. I'll give you the highlights quickly and then I have to run out again, I need to squeeze in a final peaceful soak in the hot tub before the kiddos return later this evening!

So here it is. Robin's week, in bullet form:
  • Kids had a fabulous time in Disneyworld, despite the almost neverending rain (thank you Hurricane Fay)
  • Their pirate cruise was cancelled but with all of the Magic Kingdom to choose from I'm told they barely noticed
  • Jay and I spent a day bumming around the microbreweries and shops of Portsmouth, NH, capped off by a free Livingston Taylor concert in the park - which started at 7pm and was over by 9:30! If that were in Tel Aviv we'd be lucky if it actually started by 9:30.
  • Don't remember what we did Thursday, but it was apparently very relaxing LOL
  • Spent another day doing the beach thing, capped off by an absolutely delicious dinner with the wonderful Janet and Maribeth and Maribeth's charming husband at their favorite local restaurant. Thanks again you two for the amazing dinner and even more amazing company.
  • Spent today at a really fun music festival - all deadheady and environmental, it was like being in my own personal time warp. I looked around me and suddenly I was 17 again - until I realized that I'd probably been to my first Dead show before some of the people up dancing by the stage were even born. Yikes. Nothing like that to make you feel old. Loads of cool festival pictures to follow tomorrow.

Jay and the hot tub are calling. More tomorrow. *runs out the door*

Hang on, I just remembered what we did Thursday. We went out for a super-decadent brunch (corned beef hash over eggs benedict may become my new must-have comfort food) and toured the Canterbury Shaker Village during the day, then in the evening we went out to a fabulous Italian restaurant for a belated anniversary celebration courtesy of my parents. It was a great day, how could I have forgotten about it. This having fun thing is hard work, and with the kids off having the time of their lives it was absolutely and utterly guilt-free. I could get used to this. Umm, mom, what are you doing next week?


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Sounds like a great week. I'd ignore my blog too for a little hot tub!

Phyllis Sommer said...

sounds absolutely lovely!!! i'm glad you're having so much fun and i *knew* you hadn't forgotten me:-)

Scribbit said...

Just so long as you know you're missed when you're gone :)

I think everyone's laying low lately.

Anonymous said...

We had fun too! Also glad to hear you enjoyed the music festival. The crafts fair is fun. Hope you will enjoy it too!

storyteller said...

In MY book … ‘real life’ always takes precedence over the’virtual one’ … and I’m glad YOURS has been rich & full. I’ve been caught up in the Olympics … and next week is the US Open Tennis Championship Tournament. Of course I also return to school two mornings a week to take my Advanced Photoshop Elements class … so I’ll be busy too ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Janet said...

I'm glad we got to meet...even if I said Israel when I meant Tel Aviv LOL! Hope you had a good time at the craft fair; we walked down and oh, my it was hot!

Robert said...

Well is sure sounds like this is a wonderful vacation for you. Concerts, great food, the beach family, doesn't get much better, does it? Keep on enjoying. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, that blog will still be sitting there when all the fun is done. And, it darn sure sounds like fun!

Unknown said...

We've actually been on that Pirate Cruise (I think you're talking about the one that shows you the fireworks?) and though it's cute, it's not anything spectacular. :) It's awesome they had such a good time, even for all the rain.

Hippie festivals are the BEST!