Sunday, August 31, 2008


Carmi's Thematic Photography theme this week is water. What better excuse for showing off a few more vacation pictures. Oh come on, you knew I'd find an excuse sooner or later. Just be glad I'm not showing them ALL off... I left out this post, and this one with all its water shots, and...


Yes, apparently I really did cope with all the spray by keeping my right eye closed the whole time. So much for my glamorous image...



I posted this one from the festival last week, but it fit the theme so perfectly that I decided it deserved a repeat appearance.



This one was taken alongside a very modern and industrial-looking pier


I've got loads more we did spend a month on, near or in the water after all, but I'll spare you for now. Maybe. Or maybe not.



carmilevy said...

These are delightful, Robin. Water has defined my life in so many ways - I met the woman who would become my wife when I was a lifeguard at the local pool, etc. - that this Thematic Photographic theme has evolved into quite the meaningful journey.

Thank you for sharing these. Please don't spare us for too long: I would LOVE to see the rest of your pics, too!

Leora said...

Wonderful. Love the top one (desaturated? great gush) and the bottom one (with the bit of red reflection) especially, and then the one with you with one eye open. You winking at us?

And must go visit Carmi find out more! I aim to do some more water watercolors soon.

Maddy said...

I'm a one eye shutter too - not idea why though?
Best wishes

anymommy said...

Love the theme photo days! They make me jealous (of your skills), but I love them.

Laurie of the Seven Stories said...

Looks like you had a great time, and you look great despite the unopened eye.

Water is so relaxing and fun. I think one of the best days of our summer was when we took the five kiddos to a water park. Even though they are all different ages, the appeal of water is universal. Love it.

Unknown said...

Oh, I so enjoy your photos for the watery theme... I love the energy that comes through from you in the photos and the water looks so inviting.

the festival pic with the water trickling down, I like that...

a fine presentation, I enjoyed!

Robert said...

I love the water. What a great theme. Looks like everyone had a great time. More, more, more!

Shannon said...

Great photos! I love to see all of your vacation photos.

Unknown said...

okay. why do i never get to do fun stuff like this?! jealousy does not look pretty on clashes with my hair. :)