Thursday, November 13, 2008

Much more fun than working

This morning I did what everyone should do every once in a while - I ditched work and household responsibilities for a few hours to go out for breakfast with a friend. In my blog fodder post Hannah from A Mother In Israel jokingly suggested that I should meet her for breakfast and then blog about it, so I did.
In a somewhat unusual twist of fate Hannah is actual a real life friend turned blog friend - we knew each other for years before discovering that we each had a blog. These days though it seems like we talk more through our blogs and e-mails than face to face, which is a bit silly since we live just 20 minutes apart.
It was high time to rectify that, and how better than over a yummy breakfast.
Standing next to a display of amazing-looking cakes that we didn't actually eat. (And if you could see the butt that I oh so subtlely cropped out of this picture you would understand why, though I really hope I don't have that many chins in real life! Gak! I am SO getting serious about this whole diet thing.)
Hannah with food that is in fact ours.

This place bakes the most amazing rolls. Even my breadmaking husband can't get enough of them.

All in all, a delightful morning.

See, you never know what kind of good things could happen when you answer Robin's request for blog fodder ;-).


Leora said...

So, Hannah is officially "Hannah"? How did you two know each other pre-bloggie days?

Bread looks great. Yum.

Robin said...

Yup, I got official permission ;-).

We've known each other since my son was 3 weeks old. She's been a real encouragement to me in my motherhood journey.

mother in israel said...

Leora, there is an interview with me on another blog that mentions my real name. Look at the link on my sidebar, Jblogger interviews.

mother in israel said...

Thanks again, Robin, for the breakfast and the kind words. I went grocery shopping on the way home so I "justified" the time a little bit.

Janet said...

oooh those rolls look SO good!

Anonymous said...

Great to see the two of you together!

Anonymous said...

I am so, so hungry now! What fun for you both!

frumhouse said...

Nice to "see" you both. What great photos! Looks like a delicious time.

Phyllis Sommer said...

how fun! i'm jealous:-)

i'll be in jerusalem in february for a rabbi-convention...wanna have a jblogger meet-up!?

Baila said...

I did the
back in April; Hannah (who'll always be "Mom" to me) was actually the inspiration. It was loads and fun and even increased traffic at the blog. But I didn't realize there was a "support group site" to help me along.

We should definitely have a gathering when Phyllis comes in!

BTW, I love your blog.

Robin said...

Heck yes we should meet up!

Unknown said...

i am ALL about the bread baskets! i've actually paid full price at a buffet to just eat their soft buttery rolls. :)

happy friday!

mother in israel said...

Phyllis, would love to meet you. Baila, you're hysterical.

anymommy said...

I am on my way. I want that bread!! Oh, and to meet you, of course (if you'll show me where to get that bread ;-)