Saturday, April 4, 2009

Around the world in 80 clicks - a motherhood journey

Hannah from A Mother in Israel tagged me for the latest meme circling the blogosphere. I don't do memes all that often but this one, started by Catherine of Her Bad Mother (a a wonderful and insightful writer - go check her out if you aren't already subscribed) and David of It's Not a Lecture (a new to me blog that looks very intriguing, I'll be back for a good read after I finish this post), definitely speaks to me. (As a small egotistical aside, I read the original post announcing the creation of this meme and was secretly delighted that it took only one day to arrive at my blog. Go me.) The idea is for mothers around the world to share five things that they love about motherhood.

I like this - this forced stepping back for a bit of self-serving introspection, taking time to not only live my life but to examine it and distill it, or at least the part of it that revolves around my being a mother, down to its essence. Motherhood can be full of lofty heights and stomach-churning lows, often spinning dizzyingly between the two over the course of a single day, with random stops at the utterly mundane.

Which of all these parts do I love most? The act of choosing seems an impossible task, but a few highlights did spring from my mind of their own volition.

I love the way my daughter, at nearly five and a half, still launches herself at me from across the playground when I come to pick her up each afternoon. I love seeing her grow and change and begin to claim her place in the world. She hasn't always had the easiest path to walk, and my heart swells with pride when I think of how far she's come and how far she has shown she can go.

I love the way my son, at age eight, still asks to snuggle on the couch - when he's not busy being Mr. Independent and making plans to go visit any one of a multitude of friends. His social life is infinitely more successful than that of his father and I and he is speeding towards self-sufficiency. I treasure these fleeting moments of little boyness even more for knowing that their days are numbered.

I love the chance to experience magic, actual magic, through their eyes with each new experience. To be the one to open new worlds to discover.

I love getting to know the people my children are becoming, both because of me and despite me, as I walk alongside them on their journey.

And I love what motherhood has done to ME - how it has made me more loving, more patient, more giving. Less selfish. More vulnerable. More accepting.

And just like that I've reached five, with so much still left unsaid. It's an impossible task of course, but I've made my dent in it.

Now it's your turn to make yours. To honor the international spirit of this meme I'm going to pass this task along to mothers in five completely different parts of the world, as well as to anyone else out there who wants to participate:

Meredith from Poppy Fields (France)
Vanessa from Daffodil Campbell (Maui)
Grace from Sandier Pastures (Dubai)
Elizabeth from Planet Nomad (Morocco)
Stacey from Is There Any Mommy Out There? (Pacific Northwest)


David said...

This is excellent, Robin - thanks so much!

Her Bad Mother said...

"I love the chance to experience magic, actual magic, through their eyes with each new experience. To be the one to open new worlds to discover."

Yes! Yes, exactly.

(thanks so much for participating!)

josie2shoes said...

I love this meme, Robin! Everyone writes about the struggles of being a mother, but that is balanced by so many blessings and it's wonderful to see them recounted and shared. I really liked your mention of how motherhood has changed you - absolutely that's the best part! I hate to think what would have become of me if my daughter and son hadn't come into this world to point me in the direction of growing up and being responsible for another's life. Good writing, thanks for sharing!

Sherry said...

I love this meme, I had a great time participating and I'm enjoying following it around. No matter where we live we all have some very strong common ties when it comes to the love for our kids.

Grace @ Sandier Pastures said...

I share the sentiment, the awe and the excitement of motherhood. This is beautifully written, as always.

Thanks for the tag. My post will be up in a couple of days!

mother in israel said...

I have to confess that I was asked on Twitter for Israeli mom blogs w/out knowing what for--and didn't mention you! I felt guilty so I tagged you first thing. . .

Robin said...

LOL. Nevermind, I'll take the sympathy tag with the good intent it was bestowed with.

anymommy said...

Lovely. I'm not sure I can say it this well, but I will certainly try.

Daffodil Campbell said...

Well, I put up my answer, but as always I had to add a good dose of bad language...(sigh) And your answers are so beautiful written, that mine is like Mad Magazine's version by comparison. Thanks for the invite, this was fun !

Flea said...

I love what motherhood has done to and for you! Thank you for sharing with us. :)

Karen MEG said...

"And just like that I've reached five, with so much still left unsaid."

Absolutely right, there's so much about being a mom, 5 things are tough.

But you did a beautiful job. Wonderful post.

Phyllis Sommer said...

this is great, robin.

hey, i just noticed that i never posted the pics of our dinner together. oops!

chag sameach, enjoy your visitors!!!

deedee said...

I'll do this later on in the week.