Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nearly back

My parents are leaving for the airport late tonight after a great (and very busy!) two week visit, so we're busy enjoying our last day together until we head to New Hampshire this August.

If any of my regular readers are left out there, normal posting will resume tomorrow :).


Daryl said...

Oh New Hampshire almost as far away as Israel ... to a NYer ..

Unknown said...

Where in N.H.? I'm in western mass, so naturally I'm curious.

When my parents were both alive and they came for visits to the U.S. from Portugal, we were always so happy and busy with them. Those are such happy memories. I'm sure you treasure them.


Robin said...

We do Gina, we certainly do, though it's always hard, especially on the kids, when we have to say goodbye.

We'll be in the Lakes Region of NH :).