Saturday, November 21, 2009

White Not-A-Rose

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I don't know what this flower actually is but I love it. When I bought it the woman in the store told me its name (and no, it's not a rose) but I can't remember what it is to save my life and a search of google images didn't turn up any likely candidates either. [Commenter Abbi to the rescue - it's a lisianthus!] I'm really pleased with how soft and subtle this image turned out with the application of a few textures, too.
On a completely unrelated note, Maya woke up this morning dancing, singing and asking for latkes - and completely fever-free* - so we danced, sang and made latkes, and then we all joined our friends for our planned hike to Shluchat Ayala and Nahal Shimri after all (the hike link is Hebrew only, but there are a few photos on the site - my own will follow eventually). It was a good choice for today - easy (which our post-slumber party and post-fever kids both needed) but very pretty and not overly crowded once we got out of the parking area, and close enough to home that soccer-obsessed Itai still made it back in time to join a friend at today's game, where the internet has just informed us that his team creamed the other guys 7-1. I expect he'll be bouncing wildly off the walls from all the excitement when he gets home.
And just like that another weekend has come and gone. Tomorrow it's back to work in our corner of the world.
* I suspect her fever was a reaction to the second half of the flu shot she'd received the day before. It passed quickly though and hopefully getting the shot means that the flu will also pass her (and the rest of us) by.


Dina said...

So glad the kid got better quick.

Fun watching you have such fun with flowers and textures.
Shavua tov.

Dimple said...

The flower and your picture of it are both lovely; I wonder if it smells good, too. Glad Maya recovered quickly and that everyone was able to enjoy the hike!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

I could feel Itai's impatience to get the hike over with and get to what's truly pressing - the game! LOL! Glad to hear Maya is feeling better. I've had the flu for over a week and it's no fun.

And I love your shot of the flower. I like how it goes out-of-focus on one side.

quilly said...

Your flower shot is spectacular. I am glad your day and your children were, too!

Commenter Abbi said...

lisianthus. Who said wedding flower shopping is completely unproductive? :)

The hike looks great, I'm always on the lookout new family hikes! Glad your little one is feeling better.

Robin said...

Yup Julia, you pretty much had it pegged :).

Abbi - Lisianthus! That's it! Thank you. Did you use them for your wedding?

Commenter Abbi said...

Yes, we had bunches of these in white on the poles of our chuppah.

And clutches of red and white roses in low glass vases on the tables. Cheap and it looked really nice.

And now I know the name of the not-a-Rose flower!

Mojo said...

I'm generally not a big fan of lots of post processing, but you're slowly converting me. This is exceptional!