Monday, December 21, 2009

Photo Giveaway - only 2 more days to enter

Quick! There are only 2 more days to enter to win an 8x10 print from my etsy shop over at As Good As Cake. Don't miss out!

While you're busy browsing the shop (and thinking of all the people who would love to receive a fine art photo as a gift - with yourself at the top of the list - go ahead and treat yourself if you don't win) I'll be heading off to bed - it's midnight here already and I'm fighting off a nefarious cold that has already led to the utter and complete demise of my voice. Heaven knows what it's going to attack next. If it (my voice that is) doesn't reappear by Tuesday I may have to cancel my shift on the breastfeeding helpline, and I'd hate for that to happen. It's staffed completely by volunteers and we're terribly shortstaffed as it is.


Dina said...

Sei gesund, Robin.

heph said...

nice photo

Ellie said...

You have great pictures. Do you enjoy running the shop?