Sunday, May 16, 2010

X marks the spot

Marks what you ask?
Good question.
Let's see - temperatures are rising (and quite substantially at that in my part of the world), the pool is open for the season, the spring holidays are nearly over (just Shavuot to go this week) and graduation events are being scheduled left and right. There are blue skies overhead and the rains are over for the season.
Taken all together this can only mean one thing - that summer is right around the corner, and with it Summer Stock Sunday, 2010 version!
What is this Summer Stock thing you ask?
Easy, it's a themed photography project, and all are welcome to come play along.
Each week, beginning at 9pm Saturday night Israel time, 2pm EST, we'll all be sharing our quintessential summertime photos. So what says summer to you? Is it the pool? The beach? A backyard barbecue? A comfy old pair of flip-flops? Whatever summertime looks like in your corner of the world this is the place to come share it - put up your post and then come add your link to Mr. Linky. Visiting other participants is encouraged, after all, sharing is what blogging is all about.
This year's Summer Stock will kick off on June 5th - the first Saturday in June - so get those cameras ready and point them towards the sun (figuratively speaking of course, don't go frying those sensors).
Just 3 more weeks till we get this summerlong beach party rolling again!


Phyllis Sommer said...


Minnesota Mamaleh said...

LOVE!!! x-marks only the best in my books! enjoy the pool with your sweeties!!!

bichonpawz said...

Enjoy your warm temps and the pool!!!

Mojo said...

Wow... summer already? That was a fun trip last year, guess it's time to head back to the beach, yeah?

Julia Phillips Smith said...

YAY! Not that I've been planning future Summer Stock Sunday shots, or anything.

Robin said...

lol Julia - briing 'em on!

kayerj said...

great picture--I'll participate :)

Patty Reiser said...

Totally cool that SSS is coming back! Can't wait to start sharing some photos Robyn!

maryt/theteach said...

Hey, Robin, I'm there! :)

Mimi said...

Sounds good to me, I'll get the camera out tomorrow while the sun is still shining here!!

Jessica (The Rock Chick) said...

Yay! I'll get my camera warmed up! I had such a great time with this meme last year! Ready to do it again!