Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Need to pick your collective brains

Who out there is from/familiar with Washington State?

We'll be heading to the States in a few weeks for a long awaited trip to the West Coast. After spending a few days in San Francisco with Jay's aunt and uncle we'll be heading up to Seattle to meet up with my gypsy parents who are in the middle of a year-long RV trip (yes, I did say year-long, and yes, I'm consumed with envy). Anyway, Jay and I will have the opportunity to take off on our own for 2 or 3 nights while the kids are being spoiled rotten by their doting grandparents. Our plan is to split up after leaving Seattle, with both of us heading basically northward and meeting up again somewhere to the north a few days later.

So enough of the long-winded background. Here's my question:

Do any of you have suggestions for a good destination/s (or even better a particularly good B&B or restaurant) traveling north from Seattle? We're "mediumly outdoorsy" (i.e. kayaking fantastic, day hikes ok, outdoor plumbing not - this is aromantic getaway after all).

And now for something completely different. Susan of West of Mars fame has given me a HUGE compliment and turned around and given the Thinking Blogger award I gave her right back to me, for my post about Maya's developmental issues. I'm so pleased to hear that sharing our story has helped someone else in some small way. I'll have to start thinking about who to pass it on to. It's really tough, there are so many wonderful bloggers out there.


Anonymous said...

Contact Marcia at
She posted pics of the area for Wordless Wednesday. I have her blogrolled for her poetry blog on mine. Tell her I sent you, and she may have some ideas to share. She's pretty busy right now, but I bet she would take the time.

Space Mom said...

Check with Mrs Figby....she might have ideas?

Lilight said...

Well, I wish I was still there so we could meet up, Robin!

Seattle: Of course, Pike's Place Market, Fish 'n Chips at Ivar's at the pier, a ferry ride.

If you're headed North, you could take a ferry to the San Juan Islands (even for just the day if you wish, or you could spend the night at a quaint B&B). Lopez Island is flat for bicycle riding, but there are prettier islands than there.

If you are driving up towards Bellingham, be sure to leave I-5 a little early to take the scenic, Chuckanut Drive. It has spectacular views off a cliff to the islands. There are some parks along the way you can stop at as well. Before reaching Chuckanut, there is a good little gourmet restaurant in a little house on the right side of the road called the "Rhodadendrun Cafe." It's been years since I've been there, but I remember the food being very good.

Too bad you're not going a bit West of Seattle to the little fishing village community where I am from, Gig Harbor. The harbor itself is very scenic and quaint.

I really should just e-mail you some ideas...because I have too many to post on your comment board! :)

Lilight said...

Oh, just wanted to add, you could take a ferry ride from Seattle to Bremerton, drive down the Peninsula to Gig Harbor, and then back to Seattle (there is traffic to contend with over the Narrows Bridge since there's another bridge being constructed next to it which tends to cause some traffic - Although it is one of the largest constructions going on on in the U.S. at the moment and is fascinating to see.)

Terri said...

Are you going to meet up with Embee?!?!?!?! That would be cool. I haven't heard from her in ages!

Terri said...

Oh...and I've had fish and chips on the pier...but I was four. I can remember a seagull eating my french fries.

Robin said...

I wrote to Embee. We'll see if she writes back.

Thanks everyone for the ideas. We went to the San Juans last time, so I think we're leaning towards Victoria at the moment, but we're still wide open to suggestions.