Sunday, April 15, 2007

So stinking mad!!

I just came home with the kids to find two junior high aged hooligans BREAKING our light fixtures and then shattering the glass all over the sidewalk!

I ran after them and they literally laughed at me and ran away. I have no idea who they are, but they'd better believe if I catch them they will be in a world of trouble. I am steaming mad. Furious. Needless to say Itai got quite a lecture on Never. Ever. Ever. Befriending. Kids. Like. That. Even Maya apparently got the point, because she started chiming in saying "we don't hit, and we don't pinch."

I will call the cops on these two kids faster than they can spit if I manage to catch them again.

Have I mentioned that I am FURIOUS?!?!?


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Little fuckers! Ugh! We once had some kids run up our lawn and STOMP on our Halloween decorations---we could hear them breaking but it took a second before we knew what we were hearing and by the time we ran to the door, they had disappeared into the night. Oh, and another time, some kids stole a mailbox from another street and threw it THROUGH the back window of our car. Grrrrrrrr. What is wrong with some people?!?!?

deedee said...

Argh, that would make me furious, too.

Anonymous said...

The laughing would have made me enraged beyond measure.

Lady G~ said...

My word! Now a days, there is little respect. How very sad. Keep a camera in you purse. Should you happen to see them again, snap a picture. Then you can put flyers out or go to the police.

Stuff like this burns me. URGH!!!

Robin said...

Yeah, it was the laughing that sent me over the edge and turned me into a screaming banshee. In English too, I was that mad. Luckily my non-English speaking neighbors don't know what fucking hooligans are.