Saturday, January 10, 2009

Go fly a kite

We took advantage of some beautiful warm weather today to throw the bikes, rollerskates and other assorted crap very important gear into the back of the car and headed for a new park just across town for a picnic with friends. (You've never seen over the top until you've seen Israelis pack for a picnic, complete with table, chairs, and the kitchen sink.) When we realized that we had the park to ourselves (it's a new one and somewhat hidden) I dashed home for the kids' new kites which were sitting in a closet waiting for their chance to soar.
Can you tell that the theme for this week's Thematic Photographic is "new"?
My thoughts go out to all those on both sides of this terrible conflict who just want to be able to enjoy simple pleasures like a day in the park with their children without fear. Please join me in hoping for a speedy and just end to this conflict, one that above all ensures the safety of ALL of our children.


Libby's Library said...

Robin - I'm not just hoping...I'm praying! Glad that you were able enjoy the day at the park. I would love to see pics of an "over the top" picnic.

Libby's Library said...

Oh - I've got a question. How to do you "cross out" words in your posts?

Robin said...

I can't type it in here to show you, it's saying I'm not allowed to use the HTML tags.

Shoot me an e-mail to remind me and I'll put it in an e-mail to you tomorrow morning.

Dot O said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I came back to yours to get a taste of sunshine.

I love your avatar!!! I love your pictures too.

Anonymous said...


And loving the pics, as always...

Anonymous said...

I'm having a crummy evening, and not just because my 50-gallon fish tank is trying to leak.

And then I opened my reader and there's that picture of Maya and ... it all melted away. What a peaceful, joyous picture.

Thank you, my friend. That's amazing medicine.

Lea said...

My thoughts too Robin, the simple pleasures... they are precious indeed. What a beautiful, soaring day you've shared with us!

linda may said...

G'Day, I dropped in via Susan Helene Gottfried's Sunday scribblings to see how you are doing over there. I haven't seen you there for a little while and was wondering. I see the terror of the war there on the news.
You are brave to be going on as usual or a best you can and doing family outings etc. I hope Gaza isn't too close to your neighborhood. Best wishes and stay safe. Love Linda.

Robin said...

Hi Linda, it's good to see you, and you're very sweet for checking up on me. Thankfully my home is well beyond the range of Hamas' rockets. Here at least, life goes on.

Felisol said...

Dear Robin,
you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers every day.
The good thing about blogging is that news cannot be impersonal, when you now the parts involved.
In Norway there are demonstrations pro and anti,- as well as readers posts in the newspapers.
Politicians may be conniving, but people can only be misled to a certain extent.
Friends of Israel were legally and peacefully demonstrating in front of our National Assembly in Oslo, when attacked by hostile Muslims. The worst riot in Norway on more than 30 years. The Friends of Israel were brought to safety, but the Muslims continued
to fight against the police, hurting five of them. The battles went on all night.
Some really showed true colors.

I'm recreating from a rather bad flu.
For the first day I have been able to read.
I've finished Richard Zimmler: The last cabbalist of Lisbon.

One of his messages seems to be, the Jews must flee Christian Europe.
Nothing good is waiting them there.
So sad, but come to think of it; also true.
Even the English let the Jews down under ww2.

May the Lord make Israel's borders safe.
From Felisol

Mojo said...

To look at these, you'd never know there were bombs falling just down the highway. Living there must require nerves of steel. I guess it's a little like living in California and knowing that "The Big One" could dump you in the Pacific at any moment. You cope, or you move.

I was astonished last summer when I realized how much technology has taken over kiting. It's come a long way from the newspaper-and-stick method of my childhood.

And to speak to your first commenter's question you actually can demonstrate it here in a way. You just have to put spaces in it so the HTML parser doesn't recognize it as a tag.

Neas, the tags you use would be < strike > and < / strike > -- without the embedded spaces. Everything between the two tags will be rendered as strike through. (Struck through?)

Nice shooting Robin, as always.

Janet said...

I'm joining you in your hopes. Lovely pictures :-)