Friday, June 19, 2009

Me, in bullets

  • Knees are getting better. The only unusual thing I did yesterday was about five minutes of reverse direction in the middle of my elliptical workout, so I'm betting it was that.
  • Mouth and teeth hurt from today's dental work, but I had them tweak the anesthesia so I didn't react as badly as last week
  • Had an early 40th birthday celebration with a bunch of close friends - girl-style picnic (heavy on the veggies, no meat), wine, bread and cheese, fruit, and a FABULOUS chocolate cake, a soak in the hot tub, AND they gave me a gorgeous black purse that I desperately needed and really really wanted - god I love my friends
  • It's 1:30am now, I have GOT to get to sleep
  • I have dozens of comments I want to respond to, but my eyes keep closing
  • Did I mention that the chocolate cake was amazing?
  • Have a great skywatch photo, but I'm too tired to post it so saving it for next week
  • God that cake was good
  • There's more but my eyes won't stay open. It was probably about cake.
  • Maybe I'll dream about cake
  • Oh yeah, we're also right in the middle of redoing Maya's room. She's camping on the floor in Itai's room for the next few nights.
  • It's a mess - her room is stripped and her old furniture is piled up in my living room.
  • It looks like I'm living in a warehouse
  • That cake was really, really good
  • I'm still way too tired to post coherently
  • I'm sure none of you are able to tell
  • Okay, okay, I'm getting the message
  • Goodnight everyone, and don't forget to stop by this weekend for Summer Stock!


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

You have awesome friends. Most of the people in my world were unaware I had a birthday, let alone that it was the big one.


Libby's Library said...

Glad your knees are better.

Hope your mouth won't hurt too much.

Can we have the recipe for the chocolate cake?

Robin said...

If I get it, sure, my friend made it.

And yes, I definitely do have awesome friends. They're the best.

Anonymous said...

Glad your knee is better. That is how I do it - diet coke and chocolate cake... and some ice cream... I'll eat some vegetables later... or I can skip those and have some chocolate cake for dinner... with some diet ice cream... with diet cake :)I'll post for Summer Sunday later after the pool. I miss going out with girlfriends - I would trade a chocolate cake for a going out for coffee and chat with friends!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I like the bullets. It's like a little marketing piece of your week.

And now I want cake.

Anonymous said...

Glad your knees are getting better :)

Carletta said...

Friends, chocolate cake, (amazing chocolate cake)AND a present - you can't beat that!
Happy Early Birthday!

Glad your knees are better - I know from experience - give them the time they need. :)

Shelly Kneupper Tucker said...

I thought your birthday was in July! I guess you are going to get cake twice. Cake, good friends & a cool purse. That's a good birthday! Happy Early birthday.

Flea said...

Sounds like, overall, it's been very good. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! It sounds like you had an amazing day! Next time we meet up for salad, how about wrapping up a small piece of chocolate cake and popping it into your really cool new purse? :-)

Thorne said...

Happy birthday!! Bullet update, hmmm... I like this. Imma steal it.

Robin said...

It is in July, but since this is a big one we started early :-). Party early and often, right?

Monica said...

Happy early Birthday! How was that cake, any good?

Mojo said...

I feel ya on the knees. Any time I go up or down a flight of stairs it sounds like I'm walking on bubble wrap.

Must've been some cake!

I feel ya on the comments too. I have literally hundreds that I haven't had time to respond to. I feel bad about it, but that's about all I can do about it. I cannot manufacture additional hours in the day.

Hmm.. I wonder where I can get cake...

Wait. Okay, now I know I'm getting tired. You said "birthday" and it's not on my calendar. Damned elves are slacking again. So c'mon... when's the big day? You brought it up, no escaping it now.

Runny Babbit said...

drat! now i want cake!