Friday, February 26, 2010

Purim 2010, and other miscellany

A few quick snapshots. Today was the day schoolchildren across Israel have been waiting for - the day they dress up in costumes (we had Harry Potter and a fairy, in case it wasn't obvious), mishloach manot (gift baskets) full of hamentaschen and other candy treats in hand ready to trade with their classmates to celebrate the holiday of Purim.
The actual holiday is on Sunday (and Monday, sort of), which means a three-day weekend and lots of holiday activities, conveniently scheduled for the week my husband is away for 8 days. (Did I mention it's storming and supposed to continue to do so for at least the next four days? You do the math. I'll be busy checking movie listings for tomorrow.)
In non-Purim news, I won the most wonderfully soft and pampering spa cloths from Purplume during the OWOH giveaway - she packaged them up so beautifully with a little fabric mini lei (look at the photo on her blog - it's adorable) AND a delightful booklet called Blissful Bathtimes - Therapies for Rejuvenating Mind and Body. With Jay out of town and me flying solo all week they couldn't have arrived at a better time, either, I'll definitely be needing all the bliss and rejuvenation I can find. (Normally I'd be showing you my own photo of these goodies but Purim and the storm (really bad light) conspired against me - it was all I could manage to grab the few snaps of the kids you see above. )
In less happy and infinitely more infuriating news, Facebook is at it again - encouraging the sexualization of women's bodies while forbidding innocent photos of babies being nourished the way nature intended. Where the hell are our priorities as a society?
And with that it's time to get my own priorities in order and close the computer - the USA-Finland Men's Hockey Semifinals game is about to begin - Go USA!


Anonymous said...

Yay, YOU! For adding that link today and raising awareness for the twisted logic shamelessly promoted by Farcebook.

Thank you, Robin. I went, I saw, I weighed in.

Maribeth said...

First, great pictures of the kids! Wonderful costumes!
2nd, when I gave birth to my first child 33 years ago, (5 days before Christmas) I breastfed my daughter. We attended my ex-husband's family Christmas party and when Mandy began to cry for food, I was escorted into the bathroom! At 18 I was not woman enough to tell these people where to get off. I sat on the hard toilet cover, nursing my 4 day old baby crying.By the time my second child came around, I was strong enough to tell people that this was the way it was. But I shall never forget that first Christmas.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

The kids look awesome! I think we're missing the megillah reading in favor of going curling. Yes, you read that right. Curling.

Jael said...

Your kids look adorable in those Purim costumes! Here in Holon the parade was moved to Monday,because of the rain.Happy Purim!
the Finns got a good beating from the USA hockey team....

Dina said...

Cute and very convincing, those kids.
Happy Purim despite the hail, thunder and lightning, rain and cold.

moneythoughts said...

Enjoyed seeing the pictures of your children in their Purim costumes. Two very beautiful children! I will have to get myself some hamentaschen today. I like apricot filling best and then prune. : )

Daryl said...

Adorable ..

And thanks for taking on FB!

Anonymous said...

Big smiles and long legs! Beautiful, happy children.

Unknown said...

hey there Robin! happy purim! love the pics of your adorable kiddos in their costumes.. i bet they had fun. i've seen lots of happy, costumed kids over the past few days.

i hear ya on the facebook images issue. i've seen lots of people talking about it. hopefully they figure out a good solution... i know a few new moms who have no idea about nourishing their new babies with natural breast milk and other natural parenting skills. sad reflection of where our societies have gone... but with the help of blogging and social media people can get more/better info for the future! hope you had a nice weekend. shavua tov! :)

Tania said...

Cute kids!:-) Great colors and shot.
Wish you a nice evening!

Mimi said...

Hi Robin, you took some lovely photos of the kids! Hope everyone enjoyed the fun.
I agree with you re Facebook- it's ridiculous;they wouldn't mind posting pictures of babies being bottle-fed, so what's the big deal? We need to get used to seeing babies being breastfed if we're ever to improve our stats. I know I'm speaking to the converted.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Okay - this explained a lot. I just read this: And I was a little lost.

Great costumes!

Tammy said...

Great costumes!! I hope you make it through the storminess safe and sound!

Hasya Ya'ara said...

Happy Purim to you and your family.

EG CameraGirl said...

Purim is such a fun holiday! I can see your kids really got into it.

I can hear Canada vs the USA in the room next door. Go, Canada! (LOL)

Jew Wishes said...

What fantastic photos, and I love the joy in their faces.

Leora said...

Happy Shushan Purim.

You keep telling Facebook. Keep it up! Good work; keep us motivated. What little I have read about the company, they are young and inexperienced. Not that that's an excuse, but maybe an explanation of how they don't think straight.

Anonymous said...

Hello i'm new on your board but i cant read correctly a message. Bug in you site ? Thanks you

shibori girl said...

I married into a Jewish family (many years ago), and had to learn about the different holidays. I have to say Purim is one of my favorites. The story of it, the festive nature, and those hamentaschen! *slurp*. My favorites are the ones with the poppy seed filling.


Phyllis Sommer said...

I love these pics! They look so happy.

My incredibly uncooperative children would not allow me to take pictures in their costumes this year. Ahem!? Who gets them said costumes!? It didn't work.

Oh well. They had fun anyway:-)

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

April said...

Thanks so much for the link! A couple days after that post, we lost power for five days, and when it finally returned, I had an email from Facebook letting me know they had removed another of my "offensive" pictures. As a breastfeeding mother who works part time out of the home for an employer who thinks it is perfectly acceptable for me to have to pump my breasts standing up in a disgusting bathroom stall, I am furious over the disrespect that breastfeeding mothers receive and the impact that has on the babies of the world. So I wrote another little diddy to Facebook today. ;)

Your photography is amazing...I'm excited to have been introduced to another great blog! (Thanks Daryl!)

J.B. said...

beautiful happy well fed children. I'm happy to be included in a post that promotes breastfeeding.
Thank you, I am honored.