Sunday, May 23, 2010

I need your help - and your vote!

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Hi everyone,
I've just taken a big step and entered my portfolio into the Artists Wanted competition, a very serious (and flippin' expensive - yikes!) competition for emerging photographers. I'd be most grateful if you'd click through to my portfolio and rate it (preferably highly ;)). All you need to do is click on the appropriate star, no registration or personal details necessary (hint: the 5th star on the right is “fantastic” – a 5-star rating). You can vote once every day until the contest closes.
My Artists Wanted Portfolio - click here to view and rate
Beyond the (albeit remote) chance of winning (a stupendously mindblowingly wonderful prize), the portfolio database will also be made available to a wide range of industry professionals, gallerists, etc. so I want to garner as much positive attention as possible to get my name and work in front of the people who call the shots.
So please - vote early and vote often.
Thanks so much,


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful photos my friend. I voted for ya :) Good luck :)

Phyllis Sommer said...

voted AND posted it to my facebook. good luck!

Minnesota Mamaleh said...

hooray for you robin! voted, voting and will vote again! :) all the best!

Fiona said...

Off to vote now. Lovely image.

Jael said...

I voted and will try to do it again.Good Luck Robin!

moneythoughts said...

I voted and will vote again.

Good Luck.

Terry said...

shucks robin..i have to wait a few more hours until i can vote again!
so i will be back!!!!

michael bird said...

Good for you, Robin. Did go and vote - love the fisher people silhouette - superlative photo.