Thursday, December 21, 2006

My god that was awful

Jay's company held a holiday karaoke dinner was last night, and as many of you know I was truly dreading it. Now I love good live music as much as anyone, probably more than most, but the operative word in that sentence is GOOD. It didn't go as badly as I expected. It was OH SO VERY MUCH WORSE!!! The food and drink were lousy, the "music" was literally deafening, it was very smoky (yes, you can still smoke inside if the place has a "bar") and the music was absolutely beyond my wildest nightmare awful. Not only was it truly HORRIBLE karaoke (and I mean REALLY REALLY bad), it was truly bad karaoke of truly bad Israeli pop music, coupled with huge quantities of whiny screechy "Mizrachi" music (the whiny screechy make your ears bleed music in the style of North Africa, popular among Israelis of North African descent - sorry to anyone who actually likes it, but I can't stand it).

We had to keep going outside in the cold just to get a break (I half wanted to take up smoking again to have an excuse to stay out there longer!). It was like being physically assaulted. Literally. Battered and bruised from all of your senses.Half the time they had the staff of the place doing the singing, and even they were terrible! You'd think they'd at least hire people with some small degree of musical talent.Oh, and we got stuck at a table with 3 or 4 of the most boring people possible, and their even more boring spouses. And just think, I had to pay a babysitter for this privilege!

It's the following morning now and I still have a sore throat from all the smoke and all the screaming to be heard over the chaos.Thankfully, Maya's off from school today so we can just spend a nice relaxing day together while I wait for my ears to stop bleeding...

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