Saturday, December 9, 2006

Tis the Season...

...for stomach bugs, fevers, and other assorted ailments. The creeping crud has definitely hit our house. They're healthy enough to want to be running around playing and have lots of excess energy, but they're too contagious to actually leave the house and burn it off, so it's stir crazy city around here. We're pulling out all the stops to keep the kinders occupied without resorting to just sticking them in front of the tv for the entire day.

So far this weekend we've designed and made a suit of armor out of oaktag for Itai (vest - Narnians didn't have leg armor thankfully, helmet, sword and shield), done a Yugi-Oh activity book (Itai), taken half my kitchen utensils out of the drawer and marched around with them (that would be Maya), danced around to the song from Maya's Hannukah party (she did all the motions too - so sweet, especially since I missed the party itself staying home with a sick Itai), done make-your-own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (Maya), broken out the frozen leftover birthday cake (both), taken down a bunch of forgotten toys to rediscover (puppet theater, broken camera and flash cards) and a whole slew of other activities.

Gee, I wonder why I'm not feeling relaxed from a nice weekend at home... Hopefully everyone will be well enough to head back to school tomorrow.

Edited to add that now I've got it. And if you were wondering, no, an out of the blue asthma attack coupled with the sudden arrival of the stomach bug (yes, at the very same moment) is no fun. No fun at all.


Terri said...

Oh No...sorry to hear you guys are under the weather. JJ is ALWAYS sick during the holidays, I'm waiting for it..I know it's coming!

Kim said...

Oh man! I hope you are all feeling 100% soon. Your activites are wearing me out just reading them.